Zuo: Blending High Design and Fashion at High Point Market

Zuo is all about presenting fashion-forward, high-design modern yet unique furniture and design to their consumers.

By Janice Harris


There’s no denying that modern furniture and decor are “in” right now. We’re seeing it everywhere here at the Spring 2018 High Point Market. From sleek lines to bright, colorful accessories, the modern aesthetic is definitely mainstream. So, where do you go to find the latest furniture and decor for your house? Look no further than Zuo.


We first noticed Zuo’s vibrant booth here at High Point Market because it was the perfect blend of classic modern simplicity with bold bursts of strategic color. From the eccentric flamingo wallpaper to the chic gold and green accents, everything in the Zuo space was, quite obviously, carefully and artfully curated.


Thanks to our great relationship with the world-renowned designer, show expert, and president of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Christopher Grubb, we got to learn more about Zuo during a special interview with Andrea Guardiola, director of Zuo Decor.




About Zuo

Zuo, established by entrepreneurs Luis Ruesga and Steven Poon, began selling modern furniture in 2005. Since then, the company has grown and expanded into the home decor market. Christopher Grubb noted the significant growth of the company at the beginning of his interview with Andrea. “The growth of your company has been incredible,” he said with excitement.


Today, this lifestyle brand is known as one of the major trendsetters in the industry. “One thing I love about Zuo is the color and excitement that you bring to an interior project. You scour the globe, and you create colors that become trends,” Christopher noted.




The carefully curated decor showcased here at High Point and throughout the extensive Zuo Decor collection includes everything from lighting and trays to vases, bookends, and planters-- and, it’s all hand-selected by Andrea. “I’m a passionate Latin woman and I love color by nature. I also see what’s going on in the world and how people are changing, and that inspires me to find new products and colors. “


Andrea’s main goal is to offer items that will ultimately make you happy, and she says that color is the perfect way to do this. “It’s so easy to put out one piece of decor that has a pop of color. Then, when you pass by it, you’re going to say ‘Wow. That orange vase is awesome!’ That one piece brightens your day and makes you smile.”


More on Trends, Color, & Making Customers 'Happy'

Since color seems to be one of the defining features of Zuo Decor, Christopher wanted to know what motivates Andrea to select certain colors. Not surprisingly, Andrea uses a tool many of us use ourselves: an idea board.


After she finds inspiration on mediums like social media, magazines, and books, Andrea sets up her board and notes the colors she wants to use throughout the upcoming year. From there, she travels and sources her products. “My goal is to find different items that inspire you. Also, Zuo is known for being an edgy furniture company, and that’s what I’m looking for with accessories,” she explained.  




This year, Andrea focused on the color green. “We have a lot of different shades [of green], but especially dark green,” says Andrea. Why green? It all boils down to making people happy. “I believe is color is reflecting the mood of society. We all want to be happy, but there are so many things going on [in the world]. So, we want to bring this color, this happiness, into our safe space.”


We are so pleased to see Zuo’s newest decor offerings here at High Point Market. The colors are spectacular, the styles are modern, and the overall vibe is distinct and fun. It’s a brand we’re excited to see more of, and we’re sure you’ll love their decor too!


Although Zuo is sold directly to the trade, go ahead and browse their website. (It’s super user-friendly and well organized!) You can also find their products at mass retailers and showrooms across the country.


To view the exclusive video footage of this interview between Christopher Grubb and Andrea Guardiola, follow our YouTube channel. 




We wish to extend our appreciation to Christopher and Andrea. Learn more about Christopher’s product and interior designs here.

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