Urban Floor at TISE

Urban Floor delivers on their mission to be innovative and adaptable to the consumer.

By Janice Harris


Flooring is everywhere here at 2018’s The International Surface Event. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen solids and engineered woods, tiles and laminates, natural stone, and more. Fortunately, the House Tipster Media Team found the Urban Floor booth, and we got an exclusive look at the new stain technologies this company is bringing to the table.




It’s this technology, along with their 10-collection-strong product lineup, that has helped elevate Urban Floor onto the national scene in the flooring industry.


According to Yvette Shroyer, associate director of Builder Development at Urban Floor, the company began in 2004 with “a vision to be innovative and adaptable to the consumer.”


Their end-goal today is the same as it was over 13-years ago: “To reach people from all areas and walks of life from the consumer end” with their engineered hardwoods, according to Yvette.




But Urban Floor isn’t just about engineering basic hardwood floors. In fact, they’ve introduced a new stain technology, known as a reactive stain, which acts differently compared with a conventional stain.


Here’s how Yvette explains it: “Instead of a conventional stain that sits on top of the surface of the veneer, this reactive stain seeps deep within the sugar tannins.” The result is a wood product with a richer, more natural, and aged hue.


In the upcoming year, Urban Floor is launching a reactive stained-tile. “That way, you can utilize it in your bathroom and continue the look with natural wood [throughout the home,” Yvette explained.


It’s an exciting time for Urban Floor, and we look forward to this new product and more throughout 2018!




Urban Floor is located in City of Industry, California, but sells their products nationwide. Head to www.urbanfloor.com to browse their product selection or to find a retailer near you.

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