TOTO USA Unveils Next Generation of Bathroom Fixtures at KBIS

For bathroom luxury, innovation, and convenience, think TOTO USA.

By Janice Harris


What do you need in a bathroom? A shower or bathtub, a plain white toilet, a bowl sink, and some storage, right? For decades, the American bathroom included these same, standard features.


But TOTO USA is here to show us all that the way we’ve been using our bathrooms is all wrong. In fact, many of us have no idea the amazing potential inside the four walls of a restroom.




We met Bill Strang, President of Operations and eCommerce at TOTO USA before at the Greenbuild Expo in Boston, Massachusetts and we were pleased to see him again at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida. While at KBIS, he showed us a few innovations TOTO is bringing to the market.


And boy, are we pumped about ‘em!


About TOTO

Why are we such big fans of TOTO? It’s hard to know where to start! The company, which started in Japan, is over 100 years old. It wasn’t until 1989 that TOTO crossed over into the US market.




Since then, TOTO has infused the bathroom fixture market with eco-friendly, user-friendly, and innovation-friendly technologies that blend the art of Japanese pottery and porcelain-work with the specific needs of the Western market.




This company checks every box: they are stewards of the environment, passionate about technology, and are dedicated to providing consumers a luxurious end-product.



Like many of his colleges spanning hundreds of companies and product lines, Bill raved about the 2018 KBIS show. “We’ve had a great show so far this year,” he told us, further noting that the amount of enthusiasm for TOTO’s products is “absolutely spectacular!”


One of the highlights of the TOTO USA booth here at KBIS was, hands down, the NeoRest Toilet. This combination toilet and full washlet provide the user the ultimate bathroom experience.




Per Bill, “This product gives you the personal cleanliness aspect, providing you a full rinse from front to back. Plus, it has a remote-controlled heated seat and built-in deodorizer.” Buckle in; the NeoRest toilet experience doesn’t stop there. The tornado-powered flush system effectively wipes the bowl clean with the sanitizing power of electrolyzed water. Less toilet-scrubbing sessions? Sign us up!


This particular toilet is quite popular in both the European and Japanese markets, and Bill expects it to make a big splash (no pun intended) here in the US.


Another fun market introduction is the freestanding Zero-Gravity Tub that does just what it says. Sure, it’s beautiful in and of itself, but the tub also gives the bather a feeling of weightlessness! “We designed the ergonomics of the bathtub to give your knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders the natural conditions of weightlessness. You actually feel like you’re floating in space.” As an added bonus, Bill explained that the tub includes a jet “neck pillow” that runs hot water directly behind your neck.


But, does it work? According to Bill, science backs up this design. “We’ve done brain wave scans to analyze the zen-like experience you have when you sit in this tub. It helps you get into a meditative state.”


Wow. Just, wow.


The Future of the Bathroom is TOTO USA

TOTO USA plans to continue looking for innovation in engineering, so stay tuned for what they have in store in the coming years.




Before you start searching for TOTO products (available at online retailers and wholesalers nationwide), we’ll leave you with this final thought from Bill: “I promise you, if you begin to use a washlet, it’ll change your life.”


After seeing these products firsthand, we don’t doubt it!


Bill, thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and passion for amazing bathroom fixtures!

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