Surya Showcases New Rugs and Lighting at High Point Market

Surya is known for their rugs, but they’re also making waves here at High Point Market with their home lighting offerings.

By Janice Harris


You may be familiar with Surya because they’ve been manufacturing and selling designer-grade rugs and other design accessories to the trade for the past 14 years. But here at the spring High Point Market industry trade show in High Point, North Carolina, where Surya maintains a regular showroom, they’re showing off more than just rugs.


Because of their consistent and notable industry presence, as well as their on-trend design aesthetics, we knew this was a brand you, our audience, needed to know about. So, since he’s as passionate about trendy designs as we are, we asked interior and product designer Christopher Grubb to sit down with Jeni Canaan, vice president of Merchandising and Product Development at Surya.




About Surya

The company,  now considered a one-stop-shop for all your home accessory needs, sells directly to the trade and has done so for over a decade. Although Surya started with a focus on rugs, they’re growing in all other categories, specifically lighting and home accessories. “We offer styles at every price point and lifestyle,” Jeni told Christopher.


Surya is well-known to many designers like Christopher, who use their products in their own designs. “As designers, we love rugs,” Christopher explained, adding “they create the theme of the room and Surya is always a go-to for me… because they give a custom look without the custom price.”




Newly Launched at High Point Market

Here at Spring High Point Market, Surya is launching hundreds of new products. For the rug line, in particular, they’re presenting 35 brand new, on-trend introductions, split between machine-made and handmade designs. “Machine-made is a growing category for us because it provides styles and color at a fantastic price point,” says Jeni.




However, that doesn’t mean that they’re phasing out handmade rugs. In fact, they plan to continue rolling out new handmade designs because it’s how the company got started and it’s important to their customers.


Lighting, of course, is also a big deal at Surya. They’re launching ceiling lights this season, which builds on their already strong base of table and floor lamps. Per Jeni, “We’re showing pendants, chandeliers, and more; it’s a fantastic introduction to our line!”




Tips and More

Jeni explained to Christopher that one of the most important things for homeowners to consider when purchasing a rug is their expectations. By asking questions like “How much wear and tear will it get?”  and “How long do I want to keep it?” Jeni believes you can figure out the best rug for you.


In the end, “It depends on the construction of the rug, the style you want, and the price-point you’re shopping at,” she said.


To help narrow down choices and see exactly how the rugs work in the space, Christopher explained that he typically gets two or three delivered to the house to test them out. He also suggests using rugs as a way to affordably update your living spaces. “One thing you can do is keep your furniture neutral, but change the rug to make it feel newly-designed.”


We’re so glad to have gotten the chance to see Surya’s new lineup and learn more about this popular company. Thank you, Jeni and Christopher, for letting us in on this convo.




While you’re waiting for our video coverage (where you can see some of the new items), visit Surya’s website, where you can preview their full assortment.

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