Phillips Collection at LVMkt: Designing ‘Jewels’ for the Home

Phillips Collection designs exquisite organic, contemporary furniture and accessories for households across the world.

By Janice Harris


Home furniture and décor designers often say they view their designs as jewelry for the house, but Phillips Collection takes this concept and amplifies it. This 35-year-old family owned and operated business, which was inspired by founders Mark and Julie Phillips’ world travels, uses the natural opulence of organic jewels and stones, as well as other materials found in nature, to create true statement pieces.




Christopher Grubb, the renowned interior designer and president of Arch-Interiors Design Group, chatted with Jason Phillips (son of Mark and Julie) about the family business at the 2018 Las Vegas Winter Market. During the exciting conversation, Christopher and Jason discussed the inspiration behind some of Phillips Collection’s most popular collections and feature products.


Phillips Collection = Natural, Contemporary Style

According to Jason, Phillips Collection is all about bringing new items to the market that are heavily focused on nature. We provide the jewelry of the home.” And it’s true. Everything here at “Market” incorporates Phillips Collection’s signature organic contemporary design, which is both lavish and comfortable at the same time.




Each table, chair, and console at their artfully designed booth here at Market includes natural features that accentuate the company owners’ love of the environment.




Different woods, including teak, rosewood, and mango add a unique touch of unpredictable beauty to the product lineup. Likewise, natural stones are commonly found throughout each product collection, but especially in the exquisite Elements line.


“Let’s talk about this beautiful jewelry!” Christopher noted when he started browsing Elements. Jason explained that while his father Mark was repelling into mines in the heart of southern Brazil, he was inspired by all the amethyst he found. Thus, multiple products in Elements include that rich look of pure amethyst, including this jaw-dropping side table. Even more remarkable is the cost. “Not only are these products beautiful, but they’re also at a really good price point,” Christopher explained.


The ‘Perfect’ Brown and More

Brown is back, which may be the reason Christopher was so excited to discuss the Phillips Collection’s “Perfect Brown Finish” with Jason.




Jason noted that the company has been missing a medium-brown walnut finish for their Origins line, but they stumbled across this “Perfect Brown” finish and introduced it during Winter Market.


“We had a kiln fire and from the ashes arose this phoenix of a perfect brown,” he said. “Our factory tried to salvage as much as they could, and in the process of refinishing a table discovered this finish.”


What a story!


In addition to presenting “Perfect Brown” at Market, Jason was also excited to highlight the Gray Stone Table.




Christopher noted, “Gray is still so popular, but this gray is a bit different.”


This subdued gray hue is actually the result of a 10-step process of desaturating the natural wood and refinishing it in gray. This extensive process results in a low-sheen table finish with a truly natural feel.


“It’s the new version of a live-edge table,” said Jason.




Everything designed and offered by Phillips Collection is extraordinary. Mark and Julie Phillips have found the perfect formula for melding natural elements with contemporary design. Everything we saw at the Phillips Collection booth felt like a statement piece, and we’re sold on this company.





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