Perlick Residential Products Impress at KBIS

Perlick Residential Products incorporates their commercial knowledge into their residential lineup.

By Janice Harris


For over a century, Perlick has designed commercial appliances for the bar and beverage industry. Throughout the years, they’re rightfully earned a reputation as an appliance manufacturer that puts quality above all else.


People in the industry raved about Perlick’s lineup to the point at which the company new they absolutely needed to expand into the residential market. Thirteen years ago, they started manufacturing under-counter refrigerator products perfect for holding beer and wine in your kitchen or home bar area. This year, Perlick presented a more robust product lineup at KBIS.




We wanted to learn more about Perlick and their newest offerings, so we sat down with Stephanie Muraro Gust, the Product Marketing Manager at the company.


Perlick at KBIS

“Here at KBIS, we’re showing something a little different than in years past,” Stephanie explained to the House Tipster Media Team. In fact, Perlick unveiled a complete array of full-sized kitchen appliances, including four different column refrigerators and six cooking appliances.




The decision to expand their residential product line was a no-brainer. After all, people who use Perlick at work practically begged for a residential line. According to Stephanie, “In 2017, our company celebrated our 100-year anniversary. In celebration of this, we introduced a full line of residential products, including these 10 full-sized products.”


‘We Have the Performance Piece Down’

As you can see, Perlick’s commercial heritage plays a major role in the evolution of their residential products. “We have a lot of experience in creating durable, long-lasting products that withstand the use of commercial environments, and we bring that to our residential products as well,” Stephanie told us.




Unlike the products in the commercial line, the residential lineup has more aesthetically-pleasing elements. “We have the performance piece down,” says Stephanie, adding, “but we wanted to show the refinement we can provide in a residential kitchen.”




For example, customers are greeted with bright white light and stainless steel or black stainless materials inside the refrigerator. It’s this fancy, high-end presentation that sets Perlick apart from other appliance manufacturers.


What’s Next for Perlick?

Perlick is definitely an up-and-coming appliance manufacturer in the residential realm, and we’re very excited to see what they have in store in 2018 and beyond. Before we ended the conversation, we asked Stephanie if there was anything in the works that we should be aware of. Per Stephanie, “We’re going to keep expanding into the residential kitchen, and we have plans to expand our portfolio so we can help customers create their dream kitchen.”




We’re eager to see what Perlick is bringing to the table at KBIS 2019!


Browse Perlick’s residential products here and learn where to purchase through a showroom dealer by following this link.

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