Lauzon Flooring at TISE

Lauzon helps consumers bring health and wellness into their interior spaces.

By Janice Harris


Lauzon, a manufacturer of high-end, quality flooring products, hosted a beautiful space at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas. It was at this booth that our friend, renowned interior designer Christopher Grubb met with Lauzon’s founder, David Lauzon.




They chatted about Lauzon’s gorgeous product line, the history of the company, and the future of engineered flooring. Thankfully, we were on-site the listen in on the informative conversation.


In the process, we gained a greater appreciation for everything Lauzon has done to incorporate health and wellness components into the flooring they manufacture.


About Lauzon

David Lauzon founded the Lauzon flooring company 33 years ago in Quebec, Canada. As a fully-integrated company, “we control everything from the tree in the forest to the product we sell,” David explained to Christopher Grubb. Because of the amount of oversight, Lauzon is considered a very high-end, luxurious option for consumers.


Today, Lauzon’s core focus is on engineered wood flooring, but this wasn’t always the case. Before the big engineered wood flooring-boom in the mid-2000s, Lauzon created beautiful solid wood flooring products from wood harvested from farms in Quebec.


Flooring with Wellness in Mind: Pure Genius

Fast-forward to the present, and the market for wood flooring has changed dramatically. More than ever before, people are paying close attention to both the look of their indoor flooring and what’s in the floor itself. Unfortunately, many solid wood and engineered flooring products out there contain harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde.


But Lauzon isn’t one of those manufacturers. In fact, David takes pride in Lauzon’s low-VOC product line. And that’s just the start of what Lauzon has to offer.




In fact, David and his team took the idea of a health and wellness-focused flooring product and ramped it up a notch. Their solution to help rid the home of all those harmful chemicals is Pure Genius, which is actually an air-purifying smart floor. “We came out with Pure Genius 4-years ago because people were beginning to get concerned with indoor health.”


According to Christopher, “Pure Genius really blew me away. It’s not an expensive way to bring wellness into your life.”


Trailblazing Trends

Christopher noted his appreciation for Lauzon’s innovative product line and the heart behind the operation. Regarding the Pure Genius product, Christopher didn’t hesitate to commend David on creating such an important product for the marketplace. “You’re a trailblazer,” he said.


It’s true. Lauzon is leading the charge for healthy flooring, but the company is also ahead of the curve with a number of trends as well.


For example, engineered hardwood products are usually quickly and more affordably installed-- a major plus for the millennial market. In addition, Lauzon offers many on-trend color options, including multiple hues with oak patterning (yes, oak is coming back!) and lots of natural colors, including matte whites. “Anything natural and organic,” was how David answered when asked about what consumers were demanding from Lauzon.


Just like Christopher, House Tipster was floored (literally) by everything Lauzon has to offer. By combining quality materials with health-focused technologies, Lauzon is a true trailblazer in the flooring industry.




Learn more about Lauzon and shop their product lines on their website:

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