Laguna Tecstone: Design Based on Trends

For elaborate tiles for your accent wall, Mexico’s own Laguna Tecstone is a premier option.​​​​​​​

By Janice Harris


The Kitchen and Bath Industry show always has a strong international presence, as was the case in 2018 in Orlando. Out of the handfuls of worldwide companies here at KBIS, one that really stood out to House Tipster was Laguna Tecstone.


This Durango, Mexico-based tile manufacturer uses the highest quality materials to produce impressive tiles, which are primarily used for accent walls throughout a home.


About Laguna Tecstone

According to Laguna Tecstone’s owner, Ricardo M. Sada, the company started with a vision to bring accent walls to the average homeowner. “We get inspiration from the buildings and architecture we see, and all the new trends we’re seeing on the market,” Ricardo explained. “But we always knew there was something missing when it came to impact walls.”




Simply put, while businesses and public spaces were infused with accent walls, most homeowners in the US and elsewhere didn’t have access to the right materials to provide the same aesthetic experience in their own homes.


So, with that in mind, Ricardo set out to change the industry. “We see accent walls a lot in the commercial industry, such as hotels, buildings, spas, medical buildings, and bars, and even in high-end houses. But what we do is make a high-end product that everyone can use in their own homes.”



By offering different shapes, colors, and design styles, Laguna Tecstone is providing all the right tiles for customers to complement their rooms.


One of Laguna Tecstone’s most popular styles is their line of industrial-chic inspired tiles, which were created to match with different features throughout the home such as faucets and fixtures. These tiles come in a number of finishes, including  Antique Bronze and Verdi.


Regardless of the type of tile you choose, as a customer of Laguna Tecstone, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product guaranteed to add the perfect 3D-like dimension to your walls.


Check out what Laguna Tecstone has to offer on their website:

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