House Tipster Interviews Chelsie Butler of Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

K+B Business Magazine is the go-to source for industry professionals.

By Janice Harris


While at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida, we had the chance to speak with dozens of distinguished interior designers, brand representatives, and business owners. We were also fortunate enough to talk with some of the true industry heavyweights, including the executive editor for Kitchen & Bath Business magazine, Chelsie Butler.




Having served as the lead editor for this influential magazine for the past five years, Chelsie is chock-full of knowledge regarding key design trends, innovations, and influential designers helping to move the industry forward. Here’s her take on the KBB magazine, as well as the biggest trends here at KBIS 2018.


About Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

Kitchen & Bath Business is the industry resource for kitchen and bathroom designers and the Official Publication of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. The publication and online website are managed by Chelsie and her team of editors and marketing professionals.


This publication, which is published eight times per year, was recently redesigned with the reader in mind. It is regularly distributed to over 82,000 professionals, ranging from designers to architects, and builders.




Chelsie and her co-workers provide industry insiders ongoing access to the latest and greatest projects and styles. This results in a publication full of large pictures focused on detailed intricacies.


As the head honcho, Chelsie has a lot on her plate. “Every day is something different. It’s never boring,” she explained about her position. Aside from her love of writing and editing, Chelsie also appreciates the friendships and networking she gets to do. “I love coming to the trade shows and meeting up with people.”


About Current Trends

Although she claims to personally love traditional style, Chelsie recognizes that most of the industry is moving in a different direction. That’s especially evident here at the 2018 KBIS.


“It never ceases to amaze me how we’re moving into contemporary so fast,” Chelsie told us. This includes moving away from standard, neutral colors and invoking a more global, modern feel. “ I’m happy that we’re moving out of white kitchens and using pops of color. I’ve even seen purple and pink sinks here at KBIS this year.”


So, pops of color are “in.” But where are they located? Chelsie noticed that color is just about everywhere in the kitchen and bath, especially cabinetry, fixtures, hardware, and lighting.


Other trends in the kitchen and bath industries revolve around technologies. Chelsie was impressed with the number of companies providing “connected” appliance and fixtures, including heated floors and refrigerators with temperature zones to improve food preservation.


In the next five years, Chelsie expects to see the designs of kitchens and bathrooms to come full-circle. “I think it’ll be interesting if we take a step back and go slightly traditional,” she told us.


Industry Professionals, This One’s For You

Chelsie realizes that architects, builders, and designers are eager for a feature in KBB magazine. She recommends incorporating pretty pictures of your projects that aren’t only beautiful but offer an opportunity for magazine readers to learn.




“We want to hear about your challenges, splurges, and saves. Show us good “before” pictures and how you incorporate things like sustainable design elements.” Above all else, everything included in the KBB publication is meant to be an accurate representation of the project.


As always, we’re appreciative of what Chelsie and her team provide to our peers throughout the design industry and we look forward to what the publication has in store for 2018!


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Thank you, Chelsie, for your time and valuable insight.