Home Organization Advice from Hardware Resources

For decorative, functional storage and organization solutions, Hardware Resources has you covered.

By Janice Harris


Hardware plays a considerable role in our everyday lives. From shower curtain rods to drawer pullouts and cabinet organizers, almost everything you touch in your home includes hardware. This includes your storage systems!


According to David Tyler, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at Hardware Resources, his company is setting the industry standard for innovative, on-trend storage and organization solutions.




The House Tipster media team and renowned interior designer Christopher Grubb met with David at the Hardware Resources booth at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida to discuss some of the significant trends in kitchen and bathroom storage.


About Hardware Resources

Since the late 1980s, Hardware Resources has “designed, engineered, and manufactured products for the kitchen cabinet, bath, and closet industries.” They’re most known for their innovating storage solutions sold under three brand names: Hardware Resources, Jeffrey Alexander, and Elements.


The company produces products in 13 product groups, including drawer slides, cabinet hinges, sinks, and closet organizers. Whether you’re on a budget or are working with deep pockets, Hardware Resources has a quality product perfect for your home or office.




And they don’t skimp on customer service either! In fact, once a customer submits an order, Hardware Resources ships it out from one of their six regional warehouses in key markets like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Harrisburg, PA.


Bathroom Storage

Bathroom hardware is one of the product groups featured prominently here at KBIS, so we asked David about what new features Hardware Resources brings to the table this season.


The first product he showed us was a brand new, solid-construction vanity pullout. “This is a new product for us, and it’s all about bringing the back of the cabinet forward,” David explained.


Of course, it’s great to have all your bathroom vanity items tucked away, but they can easily get lost in the back of your vanity cabinets. This newly patented design keeps everything you tuck away within an easy reach. Plus, it’s exceptionally strong and sturdy, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about wobbly or unstable pullouts!




The drawer organizers are constructed out of solid wood and have a soft-close feature.  Christopher Grubb describes these pullouts perfectly: “It’s like a beauty salon in your master bathroom!” How trendy!


Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is also another area of expertise for Hardware Resources. We really loved this excellent cabinet slide out, perfect for kitchen cabinets. According to David, “It has a solid maple construction, it’s wiggle-free, fully-extending, and features sturdy glides.”


Great quality and the ability to access my canned goods and other kitchen items without reaching, stretching, and knocking everything over in the process? Consider us sold!




Christopher and David agree; kitchens look better when they’re neat and tidy. Of course, it’s hard to keep everything tucked away if you don’t have adequate storage. “Even by keeping all those utensils out there, it just looks messy,” Christopher explained. “But, if you put it away, it’s sometimes hard to access.”


Thankfully, these kitchen cabinet organizers help with that. “Hide it away and get it when you need to!” added David.


Plus, they’re beautiful, so you’re not going to care if your cabinets are open for the world to see. At least they’re neat and tidy!




Regardless of where you are in your home, keeping surfaces open and clutter-free is good for appearances and your sanity. It’s a good thing Hardware Resources is here to help with all our homeowner-related storage woes and so much more!




We want to extend a special “Thank You” to Christopher Grubb and David Tyler for their time.

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