Elk Group International’s Dimond Home at Spring 2018 High Point Market

House Tipster connected with Bradford Smith, the CEO of Elk Group International, to talk about Dimond Home and what they’re showcasing here at HPMkt.


By Janice Harris


Here at the Spring 2018 High Point Market, which runs April 14-18 in High Point, North Carolina, we’ve been busy exploring the booths of over 2,000 exhibitors spread across 10 million square feet of showroom space. This event, which is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world, has provided our House Tipster Media Team a chance to connect with great designers and brand representatives spanning the gamut of styles and trends.


An exhibit that caught our eye and that of world-renowned interior and product designer, president of Arch-Interiors Design Group and show expert Christopher Grubb came courtesy of Elk Group International’s Dimond Home brand. So Christopher connected with Bradford Smith, CEO at Elk Group International, to talk about Dimond Home and what they’re showcasing here at HPMkt. 




We’ll be presenting a video of the interview on the House Tipster YouTube channel in a few days. Until then, you can learn about Dimond Home from this quick interview snapshot.


Christopher Grubb (C.G.): I’m excited to speak with you, Bradford, because [Dimond Home] is an interesting line. The materials you bring in and the detailing all make it very special. You cover everything from furniture to art, accessories, and lighting. What does your design team think about when creating this line?


Bradford Smith (B.S.): What’s fun about our design team is that they’re from all different disciplines, and they travel the globe to find themes that inspire them; things they want to put in their own homes. Then, they liberate those ideas so that our customers can experience the joy they bring, as well.


C.G.: Dimond Home doesn’t just use one look. You use a lot of materials, including gold, natural stone, gray... All of which are trending strong. Can you tell me what products you’re excited to showcase this market?


B.S.: Yes, we run the gamut for aesthetics, and we call our style “light modern.” Some of what we’re showcasing this year is velvet, which we think is a fun material and it’s surprisingly durable and versatile. We’re offering it in many colors like champagne and royal blue. We’re also having a lot of fun with furs and hairs, which can add a splash next to duller colors like grey.


Beyond some of the metals we’re using, we have a lot of textures. For example, we have some gold leafing that truly looks like feathers.




To stay “modern aesthetic,” we use a lot of clean lines, and you’ll see thin, soft, and gentle lines on items like our lamps. Above all, we’re thinking about functionality, not just form.


C.G.: Is there one standout product or vibe that your team focuses on?


B.S.: Many people, when they’re designing a room, work with the upholstery first. So, over the past few years, we’ve been building up our collections of upholstery and building our collections around them. [Another thing we focus on] is textures. We’re not just adding a gold color to match with a grey; we’re adding lucite to add layers of textures, and softening harder textures with soft linens.


C.G.: One thing I like about your line is that you have a lot of pieces. Tell us about your selection.


B.S.: A lot of design firms offer a limited selection, but we have a lot of depth. For example, we have 300 design profiles for table lamps, and we offer hundreds of pieces of wall decor from art to mirrors. And, not only do we range in the aesthetic, we range in depth as well. This depth gives designers a wide selection for their entire customer base.


C.G.: There’s a lot of gold here at High Point Market. What are some of the other materials you like to use at Dimond Home?


B.S.: We focus on neutrality in the main pieces of the home, and we offer many neutral colors including silvers, white metals, greys, whites, and black. But then we add pops of color, so it’s both safe and fun.


Dimond Home sells directly to the trade, but you can go to their website to take a look at their product offerings and find a dealer near you.




Thank you, Christopher and Bradford, for giving us the chance to learn more about Dimond Home!

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