Customatic Adjustable Bedz Presents Innovative, Sexy Product Line at Las Vegas Market

Customatic Adjustable Bedz uses technology and innovation in their line of bed frames to ensure an engaging, exciting sleeping experience.

By Janice Harris


Phil Sherman, the president and co-founder of Customatic Adjustable Bedz, is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet, and his informative yet hilarious approach to selling his beds is turning heads here at 2018 Las Vegas Market.


Phil gave our friend, interior designer Christopher Grubb, a behind-the-scenes look at his innovative product line, and the House Tipster Media Team was on-hand to capture the engaging conversation.




While there’s no doubt this is one of those product lines best experienced in-person, we want you to put this company on your radar ASAP. Here’s why.


Customatic at Las Vegas Market

Hands down, Customatic Adjustable Bedz is one of the most technologically-advanced and innovative products here at the Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market, which may be why they’re showcasing right in the heart of Market in “The Innovation Lab.”




Alongside Mantua Manufacturing Company, Customatic Adjustable Bedz’s booth allows show visitors to lay back, relax, and truly experience their superior bedtime product.


According to Phil, “We’re all about our innovation and technology, and we believe adjustability can enhance a better night’s sleep.”


Well, these beds do feature adjustability options, but there’s so much more there, as was pointed out by Christopher.


“I’m really impressed with absolutely everything this company does,” he said.


Shifting the Public’s Perception of an Adjustable Bed

The question many of us were wondering, including Christopher, was how the company is helping shift the audience for adjustable beds. After all, it’s usually the elderly population and hospitals that choose this specific feature.


However, Phil believes that adjustable beds are going to be the new “it” item.


“We’re really repositioning this category from an older, hospital-like mentality to adapt to real lifestyle choices,” he said.




So instead of targeting people who are bedridden or struggle to get in and out of bed, Customatic Adjustable Bedz is focused primarily on a younger, on-trend audience.


Phil said, “We want to show people that these beds can enhance your life and enhance your performance throughout the day.”


“It’s all about health and wellness,” Christopher emphasized.


To appeal to this younger audience including millennials, Phil and his team have incorporated a very transitional style to the design to ensure that it’s sleek and sexy. This includes quality woodwork and sleek lines that work in a variety of environments.


Also, technology is a key feature of Customatic Adjustable Beds.


Phil said, “‘Technology’ is the key word. We’re always looking to make the bed experience more enjoyable, more fun.”


To do this, the company includes unique feature options for their bed frames, including lumbar support, lounging positioning, and USB ports to charge smartphones, for starters.


Product Highlight: VibraSense Bed

Before the conversation concluded, Phil invited Christopher to try out one of Customatic Adjustable Bedz for himself, and the result was pure magic.


Immediately upon laying down, Christopher named the VibraSense Bed one of his top five items at the Winter 2018 Last Vegas Market.




“It’s unbelievable!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never had this experience before.”


What makes VibraSense so amazing is the technological advancements of the bed.


Phil explained, “This bed is all about creating a new experience in the bedroom.”


To accomplish this, they manufacture the beds to include vibrating and speaker features, so you don’t just hear the raindrops from your sound machine, or the explosions of your movie — you feel them. It’s all about the full experience.


The best part is the consumer doesn’t need to spend their entire life savings to experience VibraSense for themselves.


“I’m shocked at the price point. Depending on the accessories, it retails from $1,499 to $1,999 in queen size,” Christopher said. “Honestly, everyone has to experience this.”


We’re ready to try it ourselves!


To learn about Customatic Adjustable Bedz designs and tech options, head to their website.

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