Bedrosians Tile & Stone: On-Budget Designer Styles

Designer Christopher Grubb appreciates Bedrosians Tile & Stone’s stylish designs and reasonable price-point, and we do too!

By Janice Harris


Sixty-eight years ago, Bedrosians was a small material distributor operating in and around Central California. Fast-forward to today, and Bedrosians is one of the leading importers and distributors of porcelain tile and stone in the country. They have an impressive 49 retail stores spanning the nation from their home base in California to the East Coast.


Bedrosians is a respected name in the kitchen and bath design industry. So much so, in fact, that our good friend, interior designer Christopher Grubb, raved about Bedrosians’ “great styling.” They’re “price-point friendly for the look you’re getting,” he said.


While at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida, we had the privilege of sitting down with Grubb and Tylor VaVau, the senior creative designer for Bedrosians Tile & Stone.




Bedrosians Lineup

Nowadays, homeowners do a lot of work with tile and stone. We use it for our kitchen and bath countertops, and sometimes the flooring. But Bedrosians’ significant selection and budget-friendly options give consumers the chance to work with the products wherever they want.


For example, the porcelain wood-like tiles are a superb way to provide a natural look on shower stall walls and kitchen backsplashes. We also appreciate the variety of outdoor-friendly slabs of travertine and concrete-look porcelain tiles, including the beautiful and elaborate Enchante collection.




Shape is an important factor when choosing tile or stone, which is why Bedrosians offers a complete lineup including tiles and stone slabs of various shapes and sizes.


Trending at KBIS

Regardless of the trends in the kitchen and bath industry, tile and stone are a constant. Styles may change, shapes may vary, and colors may vary, but stone and tile are here to stay. The key to staying “cool” and relevant is to incorporate designer-elements into these everyday materials—and Bedrosians does just that.




Some of the latest trends Bedrosians is showing off here at KBIS are their tiles with 3D geometric optics. According to Tylor, “We even have a 3D wall. It’s made of textured, organic materials such as cement.” These intricate designs help give a room texture and a defined shape. We also got a glimpse of Bedrosians mirrored tiles, which are antiqued and beveled but look 100% contemporary.


Speaking of lasting trends, homeowners are still looking to create a spa-like feel in their bathrooms, and Bedrosians delivers. Per Tylor, “We’re providing our customers an organic look,”




After a quick visit to the Bedrosians booth, we were immediately sold on the product selection and quality, and we think you will be too!


Experience everything Bedrosians has to offer on their website, which is user-friendly and has great images. It’s the perfect first stop if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next home renovation project.



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