Beautiful Custom Range Hoods from RangeCraft at KBIS

“Custom,” “high quality,” “elaborate,” and “detailed” are just a few of the ways to describe RangeCraft’s impressive work.

By Janice Harris


Arguably one of the most impressive booths we visited at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida was RangeCraft. Although the company itself isn’t as large as other kitchen industry leaders, what RangeCraft lacks in size it makes up for in quality and attention to detail.




Alongside owner Ramona Panus, the brains behind many of the RangeCraft products we were fortunate to see in-person, is David Podwyszynski. David, a “30 Under 30” finalist for the National Kitchen and Bath Industry, is in charge of programming and design, and serves as the operations manager. “I wear a lot of hats for the company,” he explained when we talked with him at KBIS.


“Impressive” doesn’t even begin to describe what RangeCraft brings to the table. If you’re in the market for a custom range hood, a metal backsplash, or a decorative wall vent, RangeCraft is a superb option.


First Impressions Matter

RangeCraft wowed the House Tipster Media Team from the get-go, beginning with their phenomenal booth at KBIS. According to Christopher Grubb, the world-renowned interior designer of Arch-Interiors Design Group, “This [booth] feels like the red carpet. It’s very ‘Hollywood.' Look at all these crystals!”




Yes, you read that right. Crystals. Swarovski crystals, to be exact. Per David, RangeCraft is the only range hood manufacturer to use Swarovski crystals in their work.


As we walked around the booth, we noticed other interesting features: a splash of blue or green here, a gold accent there. Talk about a great first impression!


Custom, Made to Order

After walking through the booth, we had the chance to talk with David about the RangeCraft line. He explained, “Everything at RangeCraft is custom, made to order.”




This includes their wide variety of range hoods (they have 25 main product designs), as well as an extensive line of backsplashes with interesting design features. Designer Christopher Grubb immediately took note of these backsplashes.


He said, “They have stunning lines, a good sweep, and pillowing. It’s very industrial-chic… and accentuates the height of the room.” 




Whether it’s a hammered copper range hood or a stainless vent cover, it’s handmade just as it was 30 years ago when the company was founded.


Notable Trends

RangeCraft definitely got the memo: color is “in” in 2018. So, we weren’t exactly surprised to see beautiful pops of deep, cobalt blue (aptly named “Electric Blue”), and gold finishes throughout the display — but they sure did look amazing and reflected current color and decor trends in the kitchen and bath industry.




“It’s all contemporary and modern, but with a twist,” David told us regarding his company’s products. Interestingly, RangeCraft is one of the only hood manufacturers to use these sorts of details in their products.






Thanks to David Podwyszynski, Ramona Panus, and Christopher Grubb.

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