At Ryvyr, It’s All About the Bathroom

Ryvyr brings on-trend bathroom vanities and other designer-infused bathroom products to homes around the country.

By Janice Harris


It’s not just the layout of a bathroom that matters: the types of products you decide to add to your bathroom sanctuary also play a significant role in elevating the room’s aesthetic. Naturally, an ill-fitted vanity or an unsightly mirror can turn an otherwise lovely bathroom into a sub-par space — and no one wants that!


Thankfully, there are products from brands like Ryvyr available on the market.


Ryvyr, a subsidiary of ELK Group International, is on a mission to produce the most creative, innovative, and compelling vanities and other bathroom accessories on the market, and they surely deliver.


Christopher Grubb, renowned interior designer and president of Arch-Interiors Design Group, swears by Ryvyr’s entire product line. “What I love about Ryvyr is that the individual design of each vanity is very special,” he emphatically explained.



Jason Evans (left) of ELK Group International stands alongside designer Christopher Grubb during KBIS 2018.


During the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), House Tipster's Media Team was fortunate to listen in on a wonderful conversation between Christopher and Jason Evans, the director of Sales and Marketing at Ryvyr. They touched on the unique design elements at the heart of each Ryvyr product and what sets them apart from other bathroom companies out there.


Gold is ‘In’ and More Bathroom Trends

While at KBIS, Christopher and the House Tipster crew witnessed a lot of new trends. For starters, white and gold finishes are everywhere, from metal fixtures to countertops, mirrors and everything in between. Not surprisingly, Rvyvr aces these trends!


Jason said Ryvyr is ready to meet the needs of gold-obsessed consumers. “Gold is definitely a hot finish for us in 2017 and 2018,” he explained. He further added that mixed media is also “in” and that it has inspired many of the items in Ryvyr’s newest catalog.


Industrial Chic

Aside from their in-vogue finishes, Ryvyr is also forging ahead with on-trend design styles. For example, Ryvyr is adding multiple industrial-chic bathroom accessories to their collection.




“Industrial chic was one antiqued and old school. But now, it’s chic, contemporary and very urban,” Jason said. “In fact, many of our industrial-chic pieces have a strong masculine feel to them.”


You can select from several industrial-chic finishes throughout the Ryvyr collection, including oil-rubbed bronze, black stainless, and brushed stainless.


The Manhattan Collection

Arguably one of Ryvyr’s most popular collections is Manhattan, and we had the chance to see the Manhattan vanity and other accessories at KBIS. According to Jason, “Manhattan is available in three sizes and four unique finishes, including a new modern gray and natural walnut finish, in addition to our standard black and white finishes. The collection offers mirrors to complete the remodel in three sizes as well.”




Christopher loves the Manhattan vanity and matching mirror, and explained that they were “the ideal set for small-space living.” The vanity includes three deep and surprisingly wide drawers, perfect for storing toiletries.


As with other Ryvyr vanity collections, once you select the size and finish of the Manhattan vanity you want, the next step is to find a countertop to match your aesthetic needs. This ability to completely customize the unit is one of the reasons Christopher uses Ryvyr when designing a bathroom. “What appeals to me is that Ryvyr has interchangeable options. The customer can design with a variety of countertops, finishes, and more.”


Things Are Blossoming at Ryvyr

As you can see, good things are happening at Ryvyr. This up-and-coming brand is expanding their collection throughout 2018 and is ready to take on the bathroom industry.




Above all, Ryvyr’s styles stand out to designers like Christopher. “I like that the variety of design styles fit into different interiors. These pieces have a timeless quality to them,” he said. 


Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get these high-quality products. “For the styling and quality, Ryvyr is very price-point friendly.”


Ryvyr definitely has the winning combination!


To shop Ryvyr’s, check out their latest catalog here.


We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Christopher Grubb and Jason Evans for their time, passion, and expertise.

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