An Exclusive Interview with Kathy Ireland and Michael Amini

What happens when a world-renowned furniture designer collaborates with everyone’s favorite model-turned-entrepreneur? Pure design magic.

By Janice Harris


It’s not every day you get the chance to sit down and talk business with supermodel and brand-marketing genius Kathy Ireland, but this past weekend the House Tipster Media Team was granted the opportunity to do just that.


That’s because Kathy Ireland and her good friend, furniture designer Michael Amini, unveiled products from this brand-new lifestyle line: Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs at the Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market.




This robust line infuses Michael Amini’s distinct, luxurious style with Kathy Ireland’s casual, contemporary vibe in hundreds of products from furniture to décor. It’s no wonder Ireland and Amini are so thrilled with the way the collection turned out. It’s spectacular!


Here are some takeaways from our conversation with Ireland and Amini, plus information on how to get your hands on this collection for yourself.


A Collaboration Built on Respect and Passion for Design

Collaboration is difficult if the chemistry is lacking, but Kathy Ireland and Michael Amini knew from the minute they began working together that they made the perfect designing duo.


The respect Ireland and Amini have for one another was evident the minute they began speaking.




“To partner with your team to bring these designs to Market is a dream come true,” Ireland told Amini.




He echoed the same sentiment: “It’s been a wonderful experience and a real pleasure.”


Designs Anyone Can Appreciate

Their love and appreciation for the art of design brought them together, but it was their differences and individual perspectives that helped build the product line in Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs.


According to Amini, “[Michael Amini] has always been a company that designed formal home furnishings. But we’re more on-trend now, and Kathy Ireland has helped with that.”




He went on to explain that people want to live simpler, more casual lives and that he was able to use Ireland’s expertise to help infuse these features into this collaborative collection. The result is an entire lifestyle of beautiful, simple, casual furniture geared for younger generations, but that appeals to people regardless of their age.


“I’m so grateful for our millennial clients that give us our marching orders,” Ireland said.


But it’s not just millennials who appreciate the designs in Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs, Ireland and Amini have actually found that their designs are appealing to consumers across the board.




Amini applauded Ireland for her help with this, saying, “Without Ireland, I would have never been in this category, and I would have never executed this collection. And it’s appealing to teenagers, millennials, and people in their 50s and 60s.”


Designs & Influences

They set out to create a line that fused together two very different design styles, but we wondered if there was a common factor linking Ireland and Amini’s design preferences together.




Ireland said, “Something we share is our love of travel. We appreciate experiencing life and beauty and translating that into the home.”


For starters, travel is apparent in the Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs Sunset Ranch collection, inspired by the environment surrounding their Texas-based design studio. It’s a rustic, urban and farm-vibe line of home furnishing and décor. It’s not only beautiful, but the price-to-value ratio is, according to Ireland, “extraordinary.”


We asked Ireland if there were one or two designs that really stood out. But just like many other designers, it was impossible for her to choose just one.




“We have wonderful standalone pieces that are very interesting, and we have wonderful solution pieces,” she said.


Ireland does point out that the headboards are beautiful and all of them are quite soft to the touch. Ireland is also a fan of their fun dog, kitty, and bunny chairs.


‘We’ve Achieved Our Goal!’

Ireland and Amini are excited about the response their line has received here at Market. “I hear so many compliments from our consumers and dealers, and these are very important,” she told us.


Through Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs, Ireland and Amini have achieved their goal of creating a lifestyle.




“I love that what we’re doing together is something different than anything either of us has ever done. The quality that we’re able to bring to our designs, and then bring into the homes of’s amazing,” Ireland said. We couldn’t agree more!


The entire Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs portfolio, which is set to hit showroom floors and online retailers at the beginning of April 2018, is designed to mix and match, depending on how you’re living. Whether you need a coffee table and a bench, a dining table with standard chairs or you wish to mix it up entirely. It’s simply FUN.




Keep up with Kathy Ireland and Michael Amini’s respective websites to hear the latest news on product launches.


We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Ireland and Amini for their time. It was a pleasure speaking with you!

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