A Special Interview with Waynette Goodson of Casual Living and Exterior Design

As the editor of Casual Living and Exterior Design, Waynette Goodson knows precisely how to spruce up outdoor areas.

By Janice Harris


Waynette Goodson, the editor-in-chief at Casual Living and Exterior Design, has insider knowledge of what’s going on around her industry, especially when it comes to improving a home’s outdoor areas.




Since we’re as eager to talk about exterior spaces as we are interior ones, we asked Christopher Grubb, interior designer and president of Arch-Interiors Design Group, if the House Tipster Media Team could sit in on a conversation he was having with Waynette. As we quickly learned, these good friends share a passion for bringing the outdoors inside and vice versa.


Check out some of these takeaways from their enthralling chat.


About Casual Living and Exterior Design

For 50 years, Casual Living has been the go-to source for design professional looking for the latest news on trends, products, and innovations to help move the industry forward, and Waynette Goodson has been at the helm for the past 2 of those years.


Casual Living, which is just as much of an integrated marketing platform as it’s a source of information, is also a favorite resource for Christopher Grubb.




“What these guys cover, it’s terrific!” he said.


According to Waynette, the blur of indoor and outdoor spaces is at an all-time high, which is great for her publication.


She said, “It’s coming to the point where people want their guests to walk from the inside of the house to the outside, without them even knowing they’re outside!”


Christopher echoed that statement, adding, “It’s a challenge for designers. But it’s like magic! With sliding glass doors and fully-upholstered outdoor furniture, you can really fool people when it comes to that outdoor space.


Exterior Living Spaces: A Nationwide Trend

While the mixing of indoor and outdoor spaces was once limited to warmer regions like Southern California and Florida, exterior design is now popular all across the country and around the world. We learned from Waynette and Christopher that climate isn’t a limiting factor like it once was in creating a comfortable and functional outdoor living space.


Waynette said, “The outdoor category is very seasonless now.”




For example, 56% of all homes in the northeast region have both a patio and a porch ­— and those are spaces that now need furniture, décor and other “indoor” conveniences.


Christopher believes the shift to small space living also plays a role in the rise homeowners looking to add outdoor living areas.


“Outdoor spaces become their own room. You need the extra footprint to relax and dine in,” he said.


Industry Observations

Christopher and Waynette both appreciate the versatility of outdoor living products, specifically exterior-grade fabrics. So much so, in fact, that Christopher regularly uses them inside!


Regarding the colors designers are choosing for their clients’ outdoor spaces, Waynette sees gray as a mainstay that’s destined to stick around for some time. “Gray is here to stay in outdoor areas,” she said. “You can make it chic, elegant, and modern, or you can add a brown weave and warm it up to look for traditional.” Any way you cut it, gray makes the grade. Then, if you want a pop of color to break up all that neutral, Christopher recommends adding that color through a pillow or changing out other accessories.




And speaking of “traditional,” Waynette’s under the impression that traditional stylings are making a comeback.


“I don’t think this contemporary, modern, and mid-century modern look is here to stay,” she said. “Keep your eye out for cast iron and cast aluminum!”


That’s amazing insight!


To stay updated on the best way to dress up your exterior areas, visit the Casual Living online portal.


We want to thank Treasure Garden for the use of their booth at Las Vegas Market for this interview and to Christopher Grubb and Waynette Goodson for the informative insight!

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