Versatile Fireplaces From Mason-Lite

Mason-Lite dazzled during AIA at the Javitz Center.

By Tina Jepson



Fireplaces are synonymous with relaxation. Whether you’re sitting fireside on a crisp fall evening, listening to the crackling of fire by a patio hearth, or staying warm courtesy of the wood-burning chimney in the heart of your living room during the holidays, the fireplace helps set the mood.


But adding a fireplace to your home takes some forethought, especially if you have wood floors or want to add the fixture on the second story of your home.


Thankfully, Mason-Lite is here to provide a lightweight masonry firebox that’s affordable,  high-quality, and remarkably versatile. We met with Jake Hornsby, a representative for Mason-Lite, at the annual American Institute of Architects expo at the Javits Center in NYC. I the t was at this event that the House Tipster Media Team got an up-close look at a Mason-Lite fireplace, and we learned about what makes this product so unique. 




Per Jake, Mason-Lite is committed to designing and manufacturing the ultimate modular masonry fireplace for indoor and outdoor environments, in both wood-burning and gas models. “We excel about the rest in terms of the customization of our product,” Jake explained, adding that they can create a completely customized fireplace in almost any size.


Mason-Lite is known for their multi-sided units, including 3-side and 4-side open units. These sort of options aren’t traditional, to say the least, because conventional masonry is extraordinarily heavy. However, Mason-Lite’s specially formulated lightweight pumice aggregate material is a whopping 50% lighter, meaning it can go just about anywhere. As a bonus, the lack of weight doesn’t impact the product’s durability at all. In fact, Mason-Lite products are known to be upwards of 26% stronger than regular masonry!




Here at AIA, Jake was excited to talk about some of Mason-Lite’s most popular models, which are very linear in shape. “They have a shorter opening, with a wide, squared sidewall,” he explained. Although it’s streamlined, you can still fit a thin gas burner and maintain an exquisite ambiance.


Regardless of the style or size you’re looking for, Mason-Lite has a fireplace to meet your specifications. Plus, all of their products are made in the United States. You can watch footage of the exclusive interview with Jake here.


To learn more about Mason-Lite, browse their offerings, read about building specifications, and watch installation videos, head to their website.


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