Versatile Fabrics By Brentano

Brentano brings nature and art-inspired fabrics to the contract, residential, and healthcare industries.

By Tina Jepson



NeoCon is a notable trade event, not just because it’s the premier global contract design showcase, but also because there are so many styles and innovations presented here that are designed to work in a variety of environments.


A great example of this versatility comes courtesy of Brentano. Although Brentano is known throughout the design industry as a leading manufacturer of beautiful, functional fabrics for the contract industry,  designers, including acclaimed interior and product designer Christopher Grubb, also use their stellar products in residential settings.


While at the latest NeoCon in June 2018, Christopher met with Brentano’s Design Director, Iris Wang and the Global Vice President of Sales, Paul Templeman-Holmes. They talked about highlights of Brentano’s new collections, the design process, and more.




The Three Facets of Brentano’s Business

Although Brentano’s original target market was the contract industry, they’ve expanded their reach since they began manufacturing and designing fabrics 50 years ago. Today, they cater to the contract, healthcare, and residential environments, which Paul describes as the three main facets of their business.


In addition, Brentano also connects with smaller markets.“We have niche markets too,” Paul clarified. “We work with cruise ships, aviation companies, private marine, and are also now working on more indoor/outdoor fabrics.”


On-Trend, Inspired Creations

One trend of note here at NeoCon was the change in color from years past, which Christopher immediately noticed in Brentano’s latest designs. “You have both bright and muted colors on display,” he told Iris. He also points out that this year, colors at NeoCon are much more muted.




Iris describes her fabric designs as “nature and art-inspired,” with many color combinations influenced by contemporary art. And yes, they have toned down their colors after years of bright, vibrant hues.


One standout fabric from their NeoCon showroom was an elegant velvet-looking fabric that also repels water, a favorite of Iris and Christopher.




Practical Finishes

What’s so great about Brentano is their focus on practical, multi-purpose fabrics-- ones that work in busy, bustling commercial environments, but also in your own home’s outdoor patio.


Christopher, a huge fan of the stain, odor, and moisture-resistant fabric, Crypton, commends the Brentano team for their stylish use of the versatile product. “Families with kids and pets need this durability, and it’s also medically rated!” he noted. Paul agreed and explained that the idea of a precious living space is all but gone in homes today. Instead, people simply want a product that doesn’t wear and can handle everyday life.




Brentano excels in using many fabric finishes that appeal to families and contract environments.


In honor of their 50th collection, Brentano is showing off their newest product launch here at NeoCon. It’s a product made with 100% silicone, that’s easy to clean and doesn’t fade. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.


“They’re price point-friendly for the quality, beauty and performance,” was how Christopher summarized Brentano, and the team here at House Tipster has to agree!



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