Kathy Ireland and Michael Amini Debut New Furniture Pieces at High Point Market

Kathy Ireland and Michael Amini discuss their collaborative lifestyle brand, highlight their design direction, and dote on their partnership at the fall High Point Market.

Entrepreneur powerhouse Kathy Ireland and designer Michael Amini have a lot of ideas about the furniture and home accessory designs they want to create. But when push comes to shove, it all boils down to the needs of their customers.



“I’ve Never Made Furniture Like This

With its modern look, clean lines, and subtle detailing, the Michael Amini + Kathy Ireland Home collection naturally appeals to younger consumers, the largest subset.



Although Michael has never targeted this type of customer before-- his designs are usually more formal and “Hollywood Glam”– he is both happy and surprised with what he’s created with Kathy.


This new, emerging category of new customers appreciates a casual design, one that’s a value. With this line, “we’ve brought technology, practicality, comfort, and luxury [to the market],” Michael told Christopher.


New and Noteworthy​​​​​

Many of the products debuting at the fall market are geared toward small space, urban living environments.



“We take our marching orders from our customers. They tell us how they’re living, and what they want,” Kathy explained to House Tipster host and designer extraordinaire Christopher Grubb at the fall High Point Market.


“It’s an Honor”

As we’ve noted in past profiles featuring this dynamic design duo, the chemistry between Michael and Kathy is palpable.


During our latest High Point  interview, Michael spoke about his respect for Kathy, and his appreciation for her direction, taste, and “all she does for humanity.”



Kathy mirrored those statements, stressing, “We’ve been watching Michael for a very long time. In him, we saw an opportunity [design for]... people who are looking for a clean, modern, rustic look, along with Michael’s genius and innovation.”


She instantly knew that if they did form a partnership, it’d be a very special one. 



One of Kathy’s favorite new pieces is a shoe armoire, which is designed to hold your footwear if you don’t have a closet or other dedicated space for them.


Another highlight piece is the soft, plush, and remarkably cute animal chair that is scaled for an adult, but inclusive to kids. “We want furniture that encourages people to enjoy their time [on it],” explained Kathy.



With over 250 individual on-trend furniture pieces spanning multiple categories, you can find everything from rocking chairs and recliners to ottomans and other small-space living solutions within this vast collection.


“We used mixed media: wood, metal, faux fur, and beautiful color palettes. It’s not boring; it’s fun!” noted Michael.


We have to agree!


Tipster TV has released the full video coverage from our special interview, and we wanted to pass along a link to the conversation:



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