Kathy Ireland’s Easy, Seamless Style on Display at Market

Kathy Ireland creates affordable, luxurious products that combine her easy-going style with trendy patterns and colors, and the result is design perfection.

By Tina Jepsen



Although Kathy Ireland is internationally recognized for her work as a model and actress, she’s been busy making waves for over two decades in the world of fashion, interior and product design, jewelry, skincare, and more through her brand, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. It’s safe to say that Kathy is one of the most respected and well-known professionals in the design industry today.


Her designs are unmistakably elegant, relatable, and trendy, while maintaining an affordability that appeals to homeowners across North America and beyond.


Oh, and did we mention that Kathy was just named one of the Most Influential Leaders in Furniture by Furniture Today?  She is, to put it bluntly, on fire!


House Tipster first connected with Kathy Ireland when she and Michael Amini unveiled the Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs line at the Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market, and we immediately noticed her easy-going vibe and her attention to detail. During our conversation, Michael credited Kathy with helping to make his designs simpler and more on-trend with the average consumer, and we couldn’t help but agree.



This year, at the Summer 2018 Market, House Tipster Host and President of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Christopher Grubb, was able to connect with Kathy once again to learn about her latest unveilings of the season.


Abstract Art Meets Casual Elegance


It all started with a pair of socks.


Yes, you read that right. Kathy Ireland began her foray into the world of design in a collaboration with Kmart to design socks. Since then, kathy ireland Worldwide has developed a wide array of products for the home and beyond.


And it’s all inspired by her customers.


According to Kathy, she’s inspired by listening to her average customer and learning how she’s living. The result is a myriad of collections that combine abstract art with casual elegance; items that are soft to the touch and comfortable. Plus, Kathy strives to create collections that are affordable and luxurious, so that all women have access to the styles they want.


Kathy Ireland at Market


At the Summer Market, the West Coast’s largest design expo, Kathy is keeping busy by showcasing three different collections she’s created with prominent designs and brands. The products here at Market are a result of special “synergy,” that Kathy’s team at kathy ireland Worldwide forms with other in-house design teams.


The Michael Amini|Kathy Ireland Home Designs furniture collection, the KATHLEEN MARIE NEW YORK collaboration with the rug manufacturer, Nourison, and the kathy ireland® Home by Nourison, each feature Kathy’s signature style and products she’s proud to exhibit.


One notable line is Safari Dreams, a result of the partnership with Nourison. It’s an abstract pattern with neutral earth tones that would work in almost any type of home environment.


The type of design versatility you see in Safari Dreams is prominent though Kathy’s designs, especially in her rug collections. “Finding an area rug that you love is important,” she told Christopher, adding that “in design, it’s great to start from the ground-up, which is where area rugs are.”

Infusing Color


As a designer, Christopher was immediately drawn to the colors throughout Kathy’s designs. “One thing I love about all of this is the colors,” he explained. But what particular colors caught her eye, he wondered?


Kathy explained that the colors that she’s drawn to are all found in nature. Whether it’s sand on the seashore, the earth tones of the mountains, or the pop of color from wildflowers, Kathy is eager to infuse those outdoors colors and bring them indoors.


Christopher noted that the colors blend so simply, and that it’s easy for almost anyone to work off the palate that Kathy created.


If you’re as intrigued by Kathy Ireland’s collections as we are, then you simply must check out the kathy ireland Worldwide website. There, you’ll learn more about this business mogul and see the designs that have elevated her to such a high standing in the design world.


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