Joseph Haecker and Satya Tiwari Kick Off The ''Unofficial'' HGTV Stars Reunion at High Point Market

The HGTV Stars ''Unofficial'' Reunion was the perfect setting to catch up with the designers who have helped frame and evolve design television.

“The entire reunion event has been nothing short of amazing!”

“There are so many people to see! It’s great to connect with other designers.”


These are just a couple of the exuberant ways cast, crew, celebrities, and designers in attendance described the HGTV Stars Unofficial Reunion at High Point Market the Theodore Alexander and Surya showrooms.


Joseph Haecker and Satya Tiwari.


This first-of-its-kind event, which brought together dozens of HGTV design show stars, was the brainchild of Design Talk LIVE’s Joseph Haecker, who pitched the idea to Surya’s president, Satya Tiwari. These two, quite frankly, made magic happen in the middle of High Point, North Carolina.


Everyone from Design Stars like Donna Moss, Will Smith, and Tym DeSanto, to Designer Challenge participant Barrie Livingstone and Curb Appeal’s Kimberly Rider attended the star-studded reception and red carpet event. The stars had the chance to mingle, connect with peers, and talk to the press about their experiences on television, as well as their current design work.


From Left to Right: Bryan Ramsey, Barrie Livingstone, Vanessa Oates, Richard Fleming.


The HGTV Stars Unofficial Reunion was the perfect setting to catch up with the designers who have helped frame and evolve design television.

HGTV Reunion: A Marketing Masterpiece from Design Talk LIVE

During an interview with renowned designer Christopher Grubb, neither Joseph Haecker nor Satya Tiwari could contain their excitement about the event. “The marketing support and dynamic behind it is great. The entire thing has gone off amazingly!” said Haecker.


From Left to Right: Christopher Grubb, Tym De Santo and Will Smith B


Design Talk LIVE paved the way for the energizing gathering. This weekly social media-driven part-information, part-rant live broadcast for designers has gained tremendous traction since its inception, as was primed for a big showcase, of sorts.


Planning a design-centric event of this magnitude at High Point Market seemed like the logical next step. The reunion’s inevitable success proves a point: there’s a world of opportunity out there for this sort of thing, and Design Talk LIVE is set to lead the way.


However, Haecker admits that it wouldn’t have come together without the support of industry powerhouse, Surya.

Surya’s Influence

As one of the industry’s trendiest furniture and home decor brands, Surya was a smart fit for the HGTV event. “For years, they were just about rugs, but now they have lighting and products across the categories,” Grubb stated.


Although the business began back in 1976 under the helm of Satya Tiwari’s family, he took over in 2004 and started introducing new products over the past four years. “Since a lot of our customers are designers who want to complete a whole room, we wanted to simplify the shopping experience [for them],” Tiwari noted.


With the help of Surya’s loyal customer base, the company can offer on-trend products influenced from all around the world. He credits designers for helping elevate the brand.


“We’re better as a company when we collaborate with designers,” Tiwari stressed.


First Row: Rachel Moriarty, Treci Smith. 
Second Row: Brittney Fischbeck, Joseph Haecker, Blanche Garcia, Satya Tiwari, Kimberly Rider, Trish Beaudet.
Third Row: Barrie Livingstone, Vanessa Oates, Meg Caswell, Jennifer Farrell, Dann Foley, Richard Fleming.
Fourth Row: Tym De Santo and David Cohen.


All in all, the Unofficial HGTV Star Reunion was everything it was destined to be, and more. What will these partners think up next? We’re keeping our eyes peeled!


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