Humanscale Stays Ahead of the Curve at NeoCon 2018

The topics of health and wellness are all the rage at trade shows around the country and world

By Tina Jepson



The topics of health and wellness are all the rage at trade shows around the country and world, and the House Tipster media team has seen some great presentations on the subject. We’ve sat in on panels at The International Surface Event and seen showrooms that feature the latest in health-promoting furniture and home decor.


But at NeoCon, a key commercial design industry expo located at The Mart in the heart of Chicago, health and wellness wasn’t just an undertone. In fact, a quick glimpse around NeoCon proved that manufacturers and product designers have begun to prioritize health and wellness in their latest collections.


And there’s no better example of this shift than Humanscale. This 35-year old company has led the charge when it comes to focusing on health and comfort. They’re an industry leader-- true trendsetters in ergonomic and well-being-focused commercial and residential office solutions.


While at NeoCon, distinguished product and interior designer, President of Arch-Interiors Design Group, and trade-show expert Christopher Grubb, met with Jim Kidd, Product Director at Humanscale, to discuss the company’s ever-evolving line of office products that make our lives better.




About Humanscale

Neocon was, as Christopher puts it, “completely abuzz” regarding Humanscale’s new products. Although the company has focused on health and wellness from their inception over three decades ago, the technologies and designs they’re bringing to the table are absolutely noteworthy.


“We started Humanscale back in 1983, but then we were focused on eye-strain. Over time, we’ve evolved into ergonomics, and today, we design comfortable products for people,” Jim explained.


Their main goal is to encourage people, whether they’re working from home or at an office, to move and stay active.




Focused on Simplicity

 Unlike other companies, Humanscale doesn’t believe that buttons, levers, and locks are important when creating healthy products.

For a great example of this, consider the Freedom Chair, designed by Niels Diffrient. This product essentially changed the way people think about seating and showed that simple, intuitive designs are often the best. “Before, people added controls to make the product better. But the more controls you have, the more confused people get,” Jim told Christopher.


Humanscale’s list of simple yet efficient products include office task lighting, monitor arms, keyboards, and sit/stand solutions.


The Sit/Stand Revolution

There’s arguably no product more representative of current trends in health and wellness than sit/stand systems, and Humanscale’s extensive sit/stand lineup is beyond impressive.


Their Quick Stand Eco, in particular, caused quite a stir at NeoCon and even awarded the company a HiP award.


“We have a robust product line,” Jim said of their sit/stand options. But the Quick Stand Eco was designed to stand apart from the rest. “We didn’t want to compromise on design, but we also wanted to make it price-point accessible,” he explained. By streamlining the product and focusing on simplicity and functionality, this product is set to revolutionize sit/stands and make them available to everyone.


“It’s sexy, and the price-point is great at under $400,” was how Christopher described the Quick Stand Eco.


House Tipster loves Humanscale’s modern aesthetic and universal appeal, and we can’t wait to see they come up with next.


Unlike other products at NeoCon, Humanscale sells directly to consumers online. You can check out their product lineup here.

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