Handle the Spills of Life with Shaw Contract

Shaw Contract award-winning product and designs shined at NeoCon in Chicago.

By Tina Jepson



When it comes to commercial design innovation, the NeoCon trade show at The Mart in Chicago is THE place to be. Whether you’re a design professional interested in learning about the latest technologies in wall coverings or you’re eager to attend one of the 100+ CEU commercial design-focused seminars, you can find what you’re looking for here.


This year at NeoCon, we had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned interior and product designer,Christopher Grubb, who connected the House Tipster media team with some of the most relevant products, noteworthy designers, and trendy brands at the show.


One such company, Shaw Contract, was a definite highlight. Shaw, the parent company of Shaw Contract, is a brand known for their many flooring options (you may recognize the name--they’re the industry leader). In particular, Shaw Contract is focused on the commercial flooring options, including carpet tiles, hardwoods, and solid surfaces.


In an interview with Reesie Duncan, VP of Global Design for Shaw Contract, Christopher Grubb learned more about the brand and offerings that are shaking up the commercial flooring market. We’ll drop the exclusive video footage in the coming days, but in the meantime, check out this interview recap.




Shaw Contract at NeoCon

“It’s rare that we get to know the face behind in the product, but Reesie is the lead of an amazing design team,” Christopher explained as he introduced us to Shaw Contract’s design VP. Here at NeoCon, Reesie was showcasing Shaw Contract’s latest blend of residential and commercial offerings, or what everyone here at NeoCon describes as  “resimercial.”




These flooring products are, of course, ideal for commercial settings. However, many offerings are also ideal in residential areas, specifically for families with kids and pets, and areas of the home that experience high foot traffic.


It’s the innovation that sets Shaw Contract apart, and their advancements in design and quality were definitely noted at NeoCon. In fact, they received two revered awards: a Gold for modular carpet and Silver for hard surface flooring.


New and Noteworthy Collections

Shaw Contracts new collections really stood out to House Tipster and Christopher Grubb, specifically Haven and Inside Shapes.


According to Reesie, “People want to bring comfort and a relaxed environment into the commercial workplace.” She noted that we’re all interested in bringing the feelings of comfort and home to the places we travel, work, heal, and learn. The response to this need is Haven, a peaceful and residence-worthy commercial flooring option. “Haven is a carpet tile collection that brings warm tactility and comfort. The patterns are soft, and the fabric is inspired,” Reesie explained.  


Inside Shapes was another definite standout across Shaw Contract’s new collection line. “This is so much fun: the playfulness, the color. I can see it in tech companies, institutional, and hospitals,” Christopher noted. Inside Shapes is all about bringing joy, life, and optimism into commercial environments. Part of the draw is the various shapes and sizes of the carpet tiles, which is a result of the C&C cutter. With this advanced technology, they can create curves, points, and diagonals. “You can create your own designs and possibilities. It’s customization gone crazy,” says Reesie.




Regardless of the look you’re going for, Shaw Contracts has a product for you. With their flooring options, the “spills of life can easily be removed and replaced,” Reesie eagerly told us.

To learn more about their product offerings, check outShaw Contract, and be sure to play with the fun and interactive digital design tool, Inside Shapes.




We want to thank Christopher Grubb and Reesie Duncan for the inside look at Shaw Contract’s flooring. We can’t wait to see you again next year.


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