HFN's Andrea Lillo on Industry Trends at Las Vegas Market

What’s motivating today’s furniture consumer? HFN's very own Andrea Lillo has the scoop.

By Janice Harris


The Winter 2018 Last Vegas Market is as much as showcasing new trends as it is talking about them and pinpointing what’s next for the industry. That’s why we were pleased that our good friend, interior designer Christopher Grubb, sat down alongside Fashion Editor Andrea Lillo from HFN to discuss what’s going on in the world of home furnishings and other home design trends.




This is what we learned.


About HFN

HFN has been around for over 90 years, although the publication looks a whole lot different today than it did back when it started. Andrea told Christopher, “We started off as a supplement to Women’s Wear Daily, and we went through a redesign just a year ago. Today, we’re Millennial-minded.”


One area of focus is the younger generation, which HFN supports with content about new and emerging trends in home furnishings and décor. Aside from the fashion aspect, which is a big portion of HFN’s content, the company also focuses on the retail side of the industry.


“The landscape has changed drastically, so we’re helping retailers adapt to this change,” Andrea explained.




One way they’re helping industry professionals with retail is by frequently discussing omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retail allows furniture and home décor manufacturers to connect with retailers wherever they are, both online and offline.


“Physical stores are still around, but they have to be the right type of store," said Christopher.


In fact, Christopher noted that more retail stores opened than closed last year! He definitely agreed with HFN’s focus on retail education. 


“Retail stores work great as a destination place,” especially when they serve both a role as service provider and a source of entertainment, he said.


Andrea and Christopher on Trends

Aside from helping companies with their retail efforts, Andrea and the team at HFN are also helping industry professionals understand the latest trends. They present their research, including State of the Industry reports, directly on their digital website.




Andrea and Christopher agree that one of the biggest trends in the home design industry is the move to small space living. Naturally, the size of the home plays a large role in dictating what furniture and décor fit into the square footage. Since Andrea and Christopher both live in small spaces themselves, they discussed what they put in their own homes to make the spaces feel special.


According to Andrea, “I always like to feature something special in each room, such as a memory from a trip. I like to have a WOW piece.”


On the other hand, Christopher prefers a neutral palette with splashes of color.


The duo also pointed out some of the prominent trends here at the Las Vegas Market, including the focus on providing consumers with a tactile experience.


Christopher noted that people “need a visual and a tactile experience.” This trend suggests we’ll be seeing a lot more live-edge tables, soft rugs, and textured wallpaper.


“It's the whole hygge trend,” said Andrea.


Finally, be on the lookout for technology-infused home products, including table lamps with built-in USB ports and tables with strategically-placed storage drawers. After all, Millennials love technology!


The best way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news in the home furniture and décor industry is to connect where the professionals are. Make your first stop HFN's website: www Hfndigital.com

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