Glorious, Whimsical Oliver Gal

We talk with Lola Sanchez of Oliver Gal, an accessible and invigorating art company inspired by the Miami art scene.

Pushing the boundaries never looked so good thanks to Oliver Gal.


Lola Sanchez


The Oliver Gal Artist Co., founded by Lola Sanchez and Ana Gal, infuses the vibe of Miami’s art scene with European-inspired design features to create a completely unique art experience.


Designer Christopher Grubb, who visited the Oliver Gal showroom at the Fall High Point Market, describes Oliver Gal as “glamorous, whimsical, and tongue-in-cheek.”


Signature Styles

Oliver Gal art is unabashedly interesting and vibrant. Everything from the tranquil yet bold Water Coveted print, to the impressionistic Happy Life, exude femininity and modernism.


There are a lot of colors throughout the collection, but you’re bound to notice an abundance of black and gold: Oliver Gal’s signature palette.


To round out their offerings, Oliver Gal regularly brings on guest artists who add their own flair to the lineup.


Personal, Fast Art

Oliver Gal art is 100% unique, but the company sets themselves apart from the competition by offering personalization options.


Designers can customize art for their client, or customers can personalize it online themselves. You have the option to swap out colors, add embellishments, and change the art’s medium.


“It’s super important that you browse all of our collection, and look for the piece that makes your heart beat,” Lola said.



What’s Next? LimnPrint

​​​​​Although there’s a lot of replication and repetition in the world of art, and with screen printing, in particular, Oliver Gal has found a way to break the mold through Limnprint.


Limnprint is the process of taking and scanning an image, embellishing it digitally, printing it out, and then adding additional specialty finishes. “The final result looks handmade,” Lola told Christopher.





Oliver Gal’s fun and festive artwork adds life to any room. If you want to make your walls pop, then check out their art for yourself!


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