Game-Changing Flooring Innovations from J+J Flooring Group

As the fastest-growing carpet mill in the world, J+J Flooring Group is definitely doing something right.

By Tina Jepson



After visiting their booth at the 2018 NeoCon event in Chicago, our House Tipster team was sold on this leading manufacturer’s innovations and design.


During a special interview with James Lesslie, President of Engineered Floors’ Commercial Division at J+J Flooring, and illustrious designer, Christopher Grubb, we got the inside scoop on J+J Flooring’s newest product lineup, which features well-designed and versatile technologies never seen before in the flooring industry.




J+J Flooring Group: A Growing Company

J+J Flooring has manufactured a variety of broadloom and modular carpet products out of their facility in Dalton, Georgia since 1957. Over the decades, the values-driven company has seen tremendous growth.


“We’ve invested a lot of money, and that has driven a lot of innovation,” James explained to Christopher during their conversation.


New Designs at NeoCon

Here at NeoCon, J+J Flooring Group is highlighting some of their trendiest patterns to date, including Zenith and Azimuth. These unique designs are part of the company’s Solar Study line, which was inspired by the reflection of the sun.


In looking at the patterns, Christopher noted, “ These have a great combination of bright and muted colors.”


It’s a trend that many companies at NeoCon are showcasing, and something that James and his design team know is popular with commercial designers. “In commercial environments, people want a strong juxtaposition of colors.”


Kinetex, Dream Weaver, and More

One of J+J’s most novel products is called Kinetex. “It’s a product made of planks that is perfect for commercial and residential garages,” Christopher explained.

James described Kinetex as a hybrid product, that’s not quite a hard surface and not quite a carpet. Aside from unparalleled durability, the flooring is great for acoustics and is slip-resistant.


Although Kinetex was initially designed solely for commercial environments, the company has started testing it in residential spaces because it features the durability that many homeowners want for their garage floors.


When it comes to products designed for residences, J+J’s Dream Weaver is the line to check out. Dream Weaver is full of on-trend, multifaceted flooring options, including modular carpet options. “Residential modular carpet is coming in strong,” said James. “We also just introduced this new do-it-yourself peel and stick carpet. It’s literally post-it notes for your carpet!”



Christopher noted how great it is to work with modular carpet in homes because designers can have fun with the patterns and it’s easy to change out if a particular tile or section is stained or otherwise destroyed.





One last product that James and Christopher couldn’t wait to talk about combines the technology and function of J+J’s commercial line with a residential appeal. Their newest residential rug offering comes with a commercial backing, meaning it’s easier to pack, ship, and store because it’s completely foldable. “This is like a rug-in-a-bag. You can throw it in your trunk, and it doesn’t wrinkle,” James explained.



Whether you’re looking for flooring for your commercial or residential property, check out J+J Flooring Group’s products. You can view their offerings on their website here.


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