Flooring Designs Full of “Wonder” by Mannington Commercial at NeoCon 2018

NeoCon, a trade show and conference dedicated to commercial design, never ceases to disappoint, and 2018’s event was one of the books.

By Tina Jepson


It was at NeoCon that the House Tipster Media Team, along with our partner, trade show expert, and renowned designer Christopher Grubb met up with two influencers from flooring manufacturer Mannington Commercial: Amanda Swindall, Director of Marketing and Roby Isaac, the Vice President of Commercial Design.


During the interview with Christopher, Amanda, and Roby, they touched on a variety of topics including Mannington’s latest design focus and an exciting collaboration that’s earning the company a number of awards.




About Mannington Commercial

Mannington Commercial has manufactured flooring out of their base in Calhoun, Georgia for over 100 years, and the company is still family owned and operated to this day.


It’s there, in the heart of the US-based carpet industry, that Mannington designs and manufactures a full range of flooring options for commercial environments, including LVT, commercial broadloom, modular carpets, hardwood, and more.


It’s a brand Christopher Grubb has used for both commercial and residential projects throughout his career, particularly because of their on-trend designs, high quality, and broad array of options.


Wonder-full Designs at NeoCon

Unlike years past, 2018’s NeoCon event showcased a wide variety of colors and styles that felt like a giant step away from the greys, beiges, and other neutrals so popular as recently as 2017. “So much of design for corporations and commercial environments has been ‘safe,’ but you bring creativity,”  Christopher noted in response to Mannington Commercial booth and newest collections featured at NeoCon.


When asked about the inspiration behind the unique designs, Roby explained that this year, his design studio focused on the concept of “wonder.” “I asked [the team] to hunker down and embrace childhood wonder,” he explained.


The designers took this directive quite seriously. In fact, one designer traveled to Norway to chase the northern lights, while another one visited the Headlands Dark Sky Park in Michigan to spend some time without artificial lights.


It’s this dedication to design and experience that’s evident throughout Mannington Commercial extensive product collection.




Other Notable Trends from Mannington


In addition to their wondrous new collection, Mannington is also regarded for their vinyl planks, also known as LVT. “I use a lot of these vinyl planking products... It’s not like the old school linoleum,” Christopher told Amanda and Roby.


What sets Mannington apart from other LVT designers is their focus on exploring designs beyond the natural look.


Roby explained, “Typically, in the vinyl plank world, there’s a lot of in-between with woods and stones. Clients find safety and comfort in these designs.” However, his team tries to add abstract components to wood grain and stone-like textures, ultimately enhancing the overall design.


Collaboration with Gabriel Dawe

The Moire Collection, Mannington’s newest collaboration with artist Gabriel Dawe, is also a beautiful and notable part of their NeoCon display. Amanda and Roby, who were both fans of Gabriel’s work for many years, couldn’t say enough about this collaboration that won the company a HiP award here at NeoCon.


A Cycle of Design

As they discussed the current trends in flooring designs, Christopher pointed out that NeoCon was full of products that combined bright and muted colors-- a duality, so to speak. Roby noticed this too. He noted that design is cyclical, and a new generation of designers are looking at colors seen 20 and 30 years ago with a new, fresh perspective.


Thanks to Roby and Amanda, House Tipster was able to get a firsthand look at the intricate and well-designed flooring products that have made Mannington Commercial a powerhouse in the commercial flooring industry.  They’re gearing up for a big rebrand later in 2018, so stay tuned for more from the team at Mannington!




If you’re interested in browsing Mannington’s collections, check out their website: Mannington Commercial.

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