Delve Into Market with the Team at International Market Centers

Cain Brodie and Esther Ossei Anto from International Market Centers, and designers Christopher Grubb and Angelo Adamo break down the Las Vegas Market.

By Tina Jepsen



“One thing I love about Las Vegas Market is that we’re learning from the trade what’s coming and what other designers are discovering, and bringing that to our audience,” Christopher Grubb said about Las Vegas Market.


And we agree, which is why the House Tipster media team descends on the 5 million square foot World Market Center in Las Vegas twice a year. At Market, we get the inside scoop on trending furniture and giftware-- the products that will soon be gracing the floors and shelves of retail stores across the county and around the world.


At the Summer 2018 Market, House Tipster host and acclaimed designer, Christopher Grubb, spoke with three powerhouse individuals who helped shape the exciting industry expo: Cain Brodie, the Director of Marketing for Home Furnishings, Esther Ossei Anto, Senior Marketing Manager for Gifts, and Angelo Adamo, Interior Designer and Brand Consultant at Angelo on Design.



We plan to post video footage of this conversation on TipsterTV in the coming days. While we put the finishing touches on the clip, here’s a mini recap.


About Market


According to Cain, “Our first Market was back in July 2005. [In the beginning] we had one building and hundreds of home furnishing resources.” Over the years, the Las Vegas Market has evolved from just furnishings to a total home market that encompasses three buildings and 4,000 brand lines under the umbrellas of furniture, home decor, and gifts.


During the biannual Market event, buyers and other decision makers gather to find the products they’ll use to stock stores and refer to their clients. Due to the nature of the industry, Summer Market is chockfull of items meant to appeal to holiday shoppers, especially in the gift category.


In fact, giftware is a growing area, and it’s Esther’s primary focus. “[Gifts]have evolved. Now, floors six through 11 carry everything from stationary and jewelry to fashion accessories and housewares.”


Key Trends for 2018 and Beyond


Angelo, who plays an active role keeping an eye on “what’s hot” at Market, noticed a few big trends that are going to explode in the coming year, a number of which he presented at his seminar: Fresh to Follow.


He notes that this particular industry event is considered the runway for interiors. “It’s the first source to find out what’s coming out in the next season, and what textures, colors, and products will follow through into the next phase.”


Per Angelo, the brand Accent Decor is getting big, and he highlights their “accessory planters and tableware” as standouts. He noted that the design team at Accent Decor is focused on being “trend-forward,” with a focus on timeless details, and not ones that just fit the category of transitional contemporary.


In terms of paints, metals, and other finishes, Angelo notes that many products at Market have a bold, richness to them. At the same time, there are undertones of natural, subtle, and sensual styles and colors, including an influx of dusty rose hues, which blend nicely with everything from creams and browns to deep blues.


And we can’t forget metals. In years past, gold was the start of the show. But this year, silver is en vogue.


Programming, Cause-Marketing, and More


Take just one step into the World Market Center, and you’ll immediately feel a sense of community; which is the exact feel Cain, Esther, and other team members from International Market Centers are looking for.


To help promote a sense of camaraderie, event organizers plan a series of special events, programming, and seminars to provide attendees their required CEUs, collaborate with other professionals, and learn from industry leaders.


In addition, Market wants to help others within the tight-knit community through charitable, cause-marketing efforts, such as Gift for Life. “Gift for Life is a fundraiser that usually raises money to combat HIV/AIDS, but this time around, we also raised money for the Matthew Shephard Foundation and The Center,” Esther told us. She described the Monday evening event as a “movement on our campus,” where an entire floor of people donned “Erase Hate” shirts and raised money for these worthwhile causes.


Cain reemphasized the efforts of event organizers and other brands with charitable inclinations, stating that, “The design community has a sense of charity, and many exhibits on the floor are also focused on Cause Marketing initiatives.”


As you can see, there’s a lot of thought, passion, and experience that goes into running an event of this magnitude, and it’s probably why this particular exhibition draws in industry celebrities like Kathy Ireland,  the Scott Brothers, Jane Seymore, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.


We’re so glad that folks like Cain and Esther, along with influencers like Angelo and Christopher are leading the charge.


If you’re an industry professional, we’d love to see you at the next Market event.


Tipster TV has released the full video coverage from our special interview, and we wanted to pass along a link to the conversation:



Thank you, Angelo, Cain, Christopher, and Esther for taking the time to talk with us about the Las Vegas Market. We look forward to talking with you again at Winter Market!

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