Bradford Smith Dishes on ELK Home Collaboration

Finding furniture and decor for the whole home is easy thanks to the ELK Home collaboration.

“We’ve taken our Guildmaster, Dimond Home, and Sterlings brands, gathered the best products, and created ELK Home,” explained Bradford Smith, CEO of ELK Group International.


Bradford Smith


The versatile and robust ELK Home collection, which was highlighted at the fall High Point Market, drew the attention of event attendees, including House Tipster host and style maker, Christopher Grubb.

Big Changes, Big Results

Through ELK Home, designers can pick and choose amongst a carefully curated selection of items for the whole home; from items that ground the room like furniture, to the accents and lighting fixtures that make a space feel personal. 



This whole-home solution isn’t a new idea, per se, but ELK Group International found a way to combine the best designs and solutions from their top home brands and turn them into a seamless display. “As an interior designer, I love the way it’s curated,” Christopher noted.

It’s a Collaborative Effort​​​​​​​

The key to such a perfect union of brands and styles is collaboration, and ELK Home aces this. 


“All of our designers collaborate to match styles and patterns,” Bradford explained, adding that they still maintain their own unique perspective.



This leads to a collection that’s authentic without being boring.

Taking More Risks​​​​​​​

What can you expect from ELK Home? The line is all about reinterpretations of traditional design categories, riskier details, and adapting styles with traditional functionality-- all while remaining pricepoint-friendly and accessible.



“Before, styles were on a narrow path, but they’re changing quickly… and now, people are more likely to take a risk,” Bradford told Christopher in regard to the rapidly changing world of interior and furniture design.



Elk Home is staying in front of these trends. Therefore, you’re bound to see more quality, eclectic statement pieces that stand out amongst a sea of neutral greys. ELK Home is also chock-full of mixed materials, such as metals contrasting against wood, dark colors contrasted with mid-tones, and white and muted golds.



This brand collaboration from ELK Group International should definitely stay on your radar.


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