Zeugma’s Simply Divine Imports Displayed at High Point Market

By focusing on consumer feedback and custom creations,  Zeugma is proof that adaptability is essential for home decor designers.

By Janice Harris


Zeugma is a designer and wholesaler of trendy home decor for a multitude of genres, from coastal to contemporary and more. Here at House Tipster, we love that everything in Zeugma’s vast production collection is built by hand and finished in the United States by a team of dedicated artists and craftsmen.


We met with Memet, a representative from Zeugma, at the Fall 2017 High Point Market. While at the show, we browsed some of the company’s most sought-after designs, from their perennially-popular line of hanging light fixtures to tables and other lighting options.




By the end of our time with Memet, we felt we learned a great deal about why Zeugma is so well-regarded here at High Point and around the country.


A Step Above

What sets Zeugma apart from other interior design and decor manufacturers are the unique properties every single product feature. Since it’s all made by hand, no two pieces are alike! 




In terms of popularity, buyers of Zeugma products swoon over a few items in particular. “Our hanging lights, tables, and some mirrors are our most popular products,” explained Memet. Adding, “We do really well with simple, clean, traditional looks.” This includes lots of metal accents in silver and gold.




To maximize the impact and reception of their newest designs, Zeugma employs a team of in-house designers. Memet’s role is to listen to the customer’s desires and pass that information on this exclusive design team. “I always listen to our customers, capture their feedback, and then pass that on to the designers,” he explained.


Additionally, Memet and his team are focused on bringing new, unique designs to the market. “We listen to our customers a lot to find to see what they’re looking for that’s not in the market.” By purposely working to be different and adapt to the ever-changing consumer demands, Zeugma is definitely making a name for themselves among professionals in the design industry.




Metallic Trends

Here at the High Point Market, we’ve taken notice of all the metallics infused into home decor and Memet has noticed this too.


“I would say gold is definitely still ‘in,’” Memet told us. “Silver is also becoming more popular again.” After noticing trends leaning towards the metallics, Memet and his team at Zeugma took action. Now, many of the pieces in the collection feature either gold, silver, or both. “A lot of silver and gold-mixed items are doing very well,” said Memet.




We are very happy to have had the chance to speak with Memet about Zeugma. He’s helped us understand why this company truly is a gem. They understand that in order to satisfy demands, it’s necessary to be both unique and adaptable—and they’re acing it!


If you’re a member of the design industry, you can browse Zeugma’s wholesale collection at showrooms in Atlanta and High Point.



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