Valley Acrylic: ‘If You Dream It, We Can Create It’

Handcrafted, trendy, and functional. Valley Acrylic is setting the bar high in the plumbing industry across North America.

By Bea Elle


If you were under the impression that the plumbing industry wasn’t exciting or, dare we say, sexy, then you just haven’t found the right products yet. That’s where  Valley Acrylic comes into the picture.




This decade-old company based in Mission, British Columbia began as a small one-person operation. But throw in a boatload of innovative ideas, a commitment to quality, and a focus on the customer, and you can easily see why Valley Acrylic has made a name for themselves in Canada and across the border into the United States. In 10 years, they’ve grown to an employee population of 30 and have recently been named as one of the top 10 plumbing companies in Canada.


Valley Acrylic has been on our radar since House Tipster’s very beginnings, and when we were given the opportunity to sit down and talk with Ravi Beech, vice president of Business Development and Marketing, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Over the course of our conversation, we got an up close and personal look at Valley Acrylic’s products and the values that make the company thrive in such a competitive market.




By inventing and producing modern, trendsetting bathroom fixtures, Valley Acrylic, affectionately referred to as “Valley” by employees and customers alike, has become the ultimate manufacturer in the industry.


The Influence of Company Pride

Valley isn’t just focused on making plumbing products. They’re determined to create the most luxurious and user-friendly bath and kitchen fixtures out there. This mission begins with a clear set of company values stemming from the 100% female-owned leadership.


Yes, you heard that right. According to Ravi, both the plumbing and production industries are predominantly male-led, which sets Valley apart from the rest right off the bat.




“We are proud of the diversity we bring to the industry,” says Ravi. We couldn’t agree more!


Analyzing and eliminating the environmental implications of their manufacturing process is also a major consideration for Valley’s leadership team. Aside from partnering with several local charities, they currently work with a zero-waste program to reuse or recycle all production waste.


And that’s not all they do for the environment! Strategic partnerships, such as the ones they have with several Canadian colleges, are helping them create 100% recyclable materials for their own lines.


Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Every product in Valley Acrylic’s extensive collection is manufactured by hand in-house. However, before the pieces get put together, the design step needs to take place.


Per Ravi, the design process is quite organic. “Sometimes, we partner with local designers to fulfill their vision. If you dream it, we can create it.”




Aside from these partnerships, Valley also maintains their own collection imagined by an internal design team. These folks find inspiration from sketches and shapes they see and put them up on inspiration walls. Each idea must meet all of Valley’s three design criteria points before it’s input into CAD for a 3D rendering.


These are Valley’s must-have design criteria:


  • Is it functional, usable, and easy to maintain?
  • Is it easy to install by both a homeowner and a professional?
  • Can it be made right there at the manufacturing plant?


If and when the idea looks like it could work, the production team manufactures a prototype. Then, it’s onto the next idea. In some cases, the product requires an artisan touch, so Valley brings in local artists to help with the finishing touches.


For each order, a Valley employee inputs the order by hand. Once the order is ready to ship, it goes through an eight-step quality check, thus ensuring the finished product is perfect and ready for installation the minute it arrives.


Products with a ‘Wow’ Factor

Ravi tells us that, at the end of the day, Valley Acrylic’s main goal is to create sanctuaries in people’s homes. That’s not hard with a product line as chic as this one!




The Stiletto bathtub, inspired by Louboutin shoes, is a perennial customer favorite. Its unique shape and uncanny resemblance to everyone’s favorite high heel shoe helps create a classy, unique look in any bathroom.




Trevi is another collection drawing attention and accolades. The clean lines and streamlined look were created based on the architecture during the Italian Renaissance. Contemporary design aficionados love the items in the Trevi collection.




One of the newest lines offered by Valley is Onyx 150, created to honor Canada’s 150th anniversary. Every item offered through the Onyx 150 collection has a beveled stone edge and is the ultimate in modern design.


The best part of all these products is their adaptability. Ravi tells us you can install and tile their bathtubs in just one day! It doesn’t get easier than that.


With so many trendy, contemporary designs, it’s easy to find exactly what you need to turn your bathroom or kitchen from bland to exceptional. 


Stay tuned for a video of our exclusive interview with Ravi in the coming days.


We want to extend special thanks to Ravi Beech for her time and insight.

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