Total Door Opening Solutions Courtesy of Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy is the global leader in door opening solutions and they’re bringing their products here to the U.S. market.

By Janice Harris


Have you heard of Assa Abloy? They weren’t on our radar until we visited their booth at NeoCon East in Philadelphia, PA. And, quite frankly, that’s shocking considering the large role this company has in the residential and commercial door opening design world.


Assa Abloy, a Swedish company, is actually the global leader of door opening solutions. In speaking with Sandy Matheny, the Director of Decorative Opening Solutions, we got a good look at the company and the products they make, including their door and decorative opening solutions.




It was obvious that Sandy and her team enjoyed sharing their product knowledge with the architects, designers, buyers, and media outlets at NeoCon East, and we enjoyed learning about a feature we rarely think about on a daily basis.


Design-Focused Solutions

First and foremost, Assa Abloy takes design seriously. in addition to their team of in-house designers, Assa Abloy works with Lee Griswold, an industrial designer from New Haven, CT. Together, they create “beautiful, functionally aesthetic, and appropriate for our clients.” The focus on design is evident throughout their extensive product lines.




But that’s not all, Assa Abloy also looks for input from the people using their products. According to Sandy, they use their time at trade shows like NeoCon East to learn about what their clients want and bring that back to the powers that be.


It’s great to know that Assa Abloy takes a client’s design demands to heart.


New Products

In addition to their current portfolio of locks, keys, security, hinges, and other door entrance products, Assa Abloy presented a number of new offerings here at NeoCon East.




One such product is their glass panic devices. According to Sandy, “The glass panic device is secure for all glass openings.” This important solution allows natural daylight to come through a door without compromising safety. “Now, we have a great way to secure those door openings,” Sandy explained.


Assa Abloy’s new flat-track sliding hardware is another featured product. After seeing it ourselves, we have to admit it’s beautiful and remarkably functional. Shockingly, it can hold a solid barn door that weighs up to 500 pounds!


An International Brand

Although Assa Abloy is based in Sweden, they manufacture products all over the world under a variety of brand names. Plus, they’re not just about one aspect of the door, they focus on the entire user experience. “We think about our door openings the way our customers do,” Sandy explained. “We don’t just sell a lock, door, or frame. We sell a full solution.”




For door opening solutions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better product that’s sustainable, energy-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing and more functional than those made under the Assa Abloy umbrella.



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