Sun Valley Bronze is Cutting-Edge with its Barn Track Hardware Designs

Its perfection of an age-old product was showcased at Dwell on Design.

By Sarah Clarke


For Sun Valley Bronze, a family-owned business in Idaho, there’s no substitute for quality craftsmanship, the best raw ingredients, and ingenuity.


The company has been around since 1992 and still makes products by hand – sometimes 50 pairs of hands. This very refined process is what shapes the bronze, brass, and other hardy materials into the latest creation for home or commercial use.


It’s a work strategy that’s getting Sun Valley Bronze attention, not only in Idaho but in design circles around the world and also at the Dwell on Design show June 23-25 in Los Angeles.


The company’s innovative barn track hardware took “Best in 10” for architectural building products from Interior Design magazine in 2015. And it continues to be a hot-seller for Sun Valley as sliding barn-style doors travel far beyond their rural roots to shake up design in homes of all kinds.




Their popularity has barn-style doors adding rustic charm and greater ease of living to the savvy decorator’s home or business.


Some have recycled older doors for a one-of-a-kind look, but the hardware brings it all together. Doors simply roll open and shut. What’s simpler than that?


Perfecting this age-old design is what has gained the company a good measure of acclaim as Sun Valley’s Marc Cervarich discussed with House Tipster during the annual Dwell on Design.




“The hot thing we’ve been doing is the barn track hardware – you know, the sliding door track,” said Cervarich. “It’s the new 3-inch wheel or 5-inch wheel rated for 750 pounds per panel. Very clean and durable.”




This isn’t the only new trend Sun Valley Bronze is setting these days. Even the materials used to sandcast products in Sun Valley, Idaho meet popular demand.


“Every product we can cast out of bronze, we’re actually casting out of brass, which is the new thing,” said Cervarich.


The designer or homeowner who pays attention to details also may be interested in what’s happening with faucets at Sun Valley Bronze, Cervarich said.


Like the style of your door hardware? Then extend it to the faucet in your bathroom, he suggests, for a uniform style that will tell guests you overlook nothing.


“Our faucetry is new. You can keep going with the same look,” Cervarich said, adding that Sun Valley is working with California Faucets to make this project happen.


Sun Valley Bronze impressed us with its eagerness to always explore new things while holding on to its tradition of good craftsmanship and time-tested practices like precision machine work.




Another new focus — and there are many — is collaborating on design with architectural firms, which has resulted in new products for the bathroom, door hardware, and plumbing.


It’s not surprising then to hear Cervarich say that Sun Valley Bronze is also creating furniture and lighting and that some of its designs have in prior years gained the attention of Interior Design magazine, just like the barn track hardware did.




Yet there’s still room for individual creativity because Sun Valley can easily complete custom orders.


“Instead of having to manufacture 10,000 of something, we can do one thing and customize a particular element of every project if you wanted to,” said Cervarich.




Some fast facts we took to heart about this company is that by manufacturing its hardware entirely in Idaho, Sun Valley provides local jobs, reduces transportation costs, and supports a strong Idaho economy.


It also strives to be Earth-friendly by recycling metal scrap and office material and using green sand technology in the casting process.




All in All, Sun Valley Bronze is a company we will continue to keep an eye on for innovations that could add style and durability to most any project.

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