Squeaky Clean with Toto, USA at Greenbuild Expo

Toto’s environmentally-friendly practices and ultra-functional bathroom products will transform your life. We’re serious.

By Janice Harris


Has there ever been anyone on this planet more passionate about toilet seats than Bill Strang, President of Operations for Toto, USA? Definitely not. And after getting an up close and personal look at what Toto brings to the industry during the 2017 Greenbuild Expo, we can see why he’s gung-ho about everything from Toto’s heated toilet seats and bidets to washlets and more.




Toto’s been manufacturing high-end bathroom products for over 100 years out of their homebase of Kitakyushu, Japan. In 1989, the company expanded into the US market and the result has been extraordinary. According to Strang, “The business has grown dramatically over those years.”


Today, Toto features their products in showrooms across the country (to find a showroom near you, follow this link).


Aside from their innovative product selection, the company is also focused on being responsible stewards of the environment, not just with manufacturing, but in the product features they offer.




Strang claims his products are life changing — and here at House Tipster, we’re inclined to agree. Here’s why.


Green Clean

Toto isn’t interested in following green, sustainable standards, they want to spearhead the way. The company has always focused creating products that don’t interfere with the environment since the very beginning. In fact, environmental protection is one of their core values.




Strang dug a bit deeper on the subject with our House Tipster media team. “We were one of the founding members that started in the USGBC’s green energy program,” he explained.


It’s not just lip service: Toto USA practices what it preaches. In fact, during late October 2017, the company was recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency for their clean manufacturing practices. “Our factory in Atlanta, Georgia makes 20,000 toilets per month and the entire building is run on 100% solar energy,” Strang told us.


Moving forward, Toto strives to decrease their carbon footprint even more. In addition, they’re consistently designing products that not only bring change to the lives of consumers, but reduce their overall water consumption.


‘Life Changing’ Toilet Seats

There’s something so “old world” about bidets. Truth be told, it’s not a fad that ever really caught on in the U.S. — until now. “If you never used a bidet toilet seat, it’s absolutely life-changing. You sit on that heated toilet seat and turn on that wand. It changes your life!” Strang excitedly told us.


Toto’s bidet toilet seats are sold on their own or with an entire toilet unit, depending on the consumer’s needs.


At Greenbuild, we got to see how 2 other technologically-advanced products from Toto work. The first was a 1-gallon flush commercial toilet powered by eco-generated energy. As the water flows through the flush valve, it spins the turbine, creating enough energy to power the entire flush!




The other impressive product was the Toto “Wash of the Day.” This spectacular toilet seat is a powerhouse. For starters, the seat includes a remote-controlled spray wand programmed to give the user a rear wash or front wash and a variety of spray levels, depending on personal preference. 45 seconds after the person leaves the toilet, it automatically runs sodium hydrochloride around to sanitize the bowl. There’s also a “Tornado flush” function that uses only 1-gallon of water. “It’s the most efficient, hygienic bathroom experience,” Strang claimed.


If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom experience and want to find the most innovative toilet products on the market, make Toto USA your first stop. You’ll wind up with a phenomenal product made with care, and your life may even be changed in the process.




In the honest words of Bill Strang, “You will wonder why you used toilet paper your entire life.”


Consider us intrigued.



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