Saroyan Architectural: Hardwoods You Can’t Help But Love

Hardwoods never go out of style, so make sure you get the best product out there from Saroyan Architectural.

By Bea Elle


Dwell on Design first-timer Saroyan knows a thing or two about hardwoods. In fact, this 60-year old company manufactures and distributes multiple wood products, from domestic to European hardwoods and engineered panels and molding.


Whether you’re a designer, contractor, or homeowner, you have access to Saroyan’s extensive collections online and in-person. That’s right—although the hardwood and engineered panels and moldings are made in 6 facilities in California and Kentucky, the products are sold extensively throughout the United States.


We spoke with Robert Lemke, Vice President at Saroyan, while at 2017’s Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles and he talked with us at length about the high-end lumber products Saroyan creates out of everything from ash and Douglas fir to mahogany, maple, and even European white oak.




If you’re looking to add hardwood to your floors, walls, or as a decorative molding, chances are Saroyan makes exactly what you’re looking for.


Here are some of the reasons we won’t hesitate to shop Saroyan in the future.


Extensive Quantity with a Focus on Quality

From their home base in Huntington Park, California, Saroyan has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of premium quality hardwood products in the nation. According to Robert, “We maintain the largest and most diverse hardwood inventory of raw materials in the country.”


So whether you need a completely custom piece of wood or your average in-stock product, Saroyan can deliver with a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality.



Photo courtesy of Saroyan Lumber Co., Inc.


Flooring Options

Hardwoods from Saroyan are available in either solid or engineered planks. But, what’s the real difference between these two options?


Solid Hardwoods: These are hardwood floor panels manufactured from one solid piece of hardwood. They’re solid, durable, and made of 100% wood. Prices vary depending on the species of wood you want in your home.


Saroyan’s Saroyan Solid Unfinished collection includes a large variety of panel widths (2” up to over 11” wide!) in dozens of different woods. If you want something completely different like teak or zebrawood floors, Saroyan has it in stock.


For something a bit more refined, check out the Zanella line of woods and finishes.



Photo courtesy of Saroyan Lumber Co., Inc.


Engineered Hardwoods: Engineered hardwoods are still made of 100% wood, but the solid wood top layer sits birch platform.


If you’re into environmentally friendly design options for your home, then Saroyan’s TreeSmart engineered hardwood line should be at the top of your list. These floors are just as strong and beautiful as their solid counterparts, but a single tree yields up to four times as much flooring using the TreeSmart manufacturing process.


Out of everything made by Saroyan, there’s one product that homeowners keep coming back to— parquet flooring panels. Robert told us that the parquet panels at Saroyan are considered a specialty product that conveys that classic, unique European look so many of us desire. “We make them in a variety of sizes and colors with many different species of wood.”


No matter what you choose, it’s all custom-made for you!



Photo courtesy of Saroyan Lumber Co., Inc.


Moldings & More

Hardwoods aren’t just for floors. Homes today also feature extensive molding around doors, windows, and as a decorative element on walls. We loved getting the chance to get an up-close-and-personal look at all of Saroyan’s molding designs at Dwell on Design, but you can also look at them online.




As you can see, Saroyan offers dozens of different molding shapes depending on your needs and design preferences. There are also five molding collections to choose from, including the timeless Palasse line and the modern lines of Nuova.


Saroyan: Premier Hardwoods

What’s so wonderful about Saroyan is their gigantic selection and unmatched quality of premium solid and engineered hardwoods.



Photo courtesy of Saroyan Lumber Co., Inc.


We’re thankful for the time we spent with Robert because we got a great glimpse into the products and a better understanding of how well the company responds to customer needs.


We’re excited to see what Robert and his team at Saroyan come back to Dwell on Design with next year.


To start browsing Saroyan’s collections, check out the Saroyan website or request a catalog.



Photo courtesy of Saroyan Lumber Co., Inc.

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