Roberta Schilling: Inspired By the Everyday

Roberta infuses aspects of her Brazilian heritage with recycled and natural organic materials to create the ultimate, sophisticated home decor collection.

By Janice Harris


The High Point Market is Roberta Schilling’s favorite stop. After all, it’s the place she presents her latest design introductions in every category across the board, from furniture to lamps other decor accessories.


We met Roberta Schilling herself, the owner and designer behind the Roberta Schilling brand, at the Fall 2017 High Point Market. Maybe it was because she was so passionate, or possibly it was due to her phenomenal work, but Roberta and her swoon-worthy collection were one of the highlights of our Market experience. 




The Roberta Schilling showroom at High Point is unique in that it instantly envelops you with an airy, comfortable feel. We were instantly drawn to the subtle hues, the elegant touches, and the organic femininity that emanated from the space. When we finally got the chance to sit down and speak with Roberta about her designs, we were just as blown away by her excitement for her art.


And that’s exactly what the Roberta Schilling line is: art. Just don’t ask her to choose her favorite piece. She can’t!


“How do you pick a favorite son?” she said. We understand!


Roberta describes her work as "Anything but pretentious." “Everything we do is delicious, casual, and elegant.”




Inspiration is Everywhere

“I get inspired by the everyday,” Roberta explained to our House Tipster team. The natural environment seems to play a large role in Roberta’s designs, as evidenced in the curves and intricate accents she uses in every item from large cabinets to small glasses.




Because it so closely resembles her home country of Brazil, Roberta uses her bright, cheerful surroundings in Miami to create special, one-of-a-kind nature-based designs. “I live in a wonderful place. Miami is bright and brings back memories of my own culture and people,” she told us.



For over 25 years, Roberta Schilling designed however she saw fit without taking much stock in the latest and greatest trends. However, trends surely did catch up to her.  She was one of the pioneers of the current “eco”/”green” movement. “I did organic and recycled before it was cool,” Roberta explained.




Another design aspect she doesn’t pay heed to is the whole “color of the year” trend. “I don’t go with colors of the year, but more, colors that I love and that go with the organic materials I’m working with.”


So, what is Roberta’s favorite material to work with? She told us that right now, mother of pearl is one of her favorite mediums, noting that it just helps a piece flow naturally.


A Takeaway

Above all, Roberta Schilling encourages us all to find products that make you feel good. “Don’t worry about what looks good to others,” she suggests. “Instead, look to what makes you happy and not what the trends are. I love when people aren’t afraid to try to incorporate parts of their lives and culture [into their home’s decor].”




As you can see after browsing her line, Roberta stays away from creating generic, formal designs. She told us, “Nowadays, it’s important to find how you can live in your own space, to create your space.”  That’s a lovely thought!


Robert Shilling products are available at many major retailers. An online catalog featuring the newest additions to the collection is posted on the Roberta Schilling website

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