Phylum Design: Fusing the Natural with the Industrial

Combining industrial and natural designs isn’t common, but Phylum Design aces the marriage.

By Janice Harris


Wall art and accents are, all too often, fairly one-dimensional — aligning with one preferred design style or genre. Visit any furniture or home decor store, and you’ll notice the same trend. You have modern abstracts on one end, and natural photographs on the other. Everything appears to fit into a neat little box.




But Phylum Design creates home decor that doesn’t fit into any particular box. As a matter of fact, Chris Dunker’s Northern Utah-based wall art and imagery company happens to meld several genres and vibes together based on both Chris’ personal preferences and the needs of his clients.


Chris is familiar with the interior design trade show circuit, and we were pleased to visit his booth at the 2017 Fall High Point Market. His designs are distinct and extraordinary — and we’re sure you’ll be impressed too.


Engaging Art

As the founder and creator of some of the most exciting wall imagery we’ve seen at High Point Market, we wanted to get to know Chris better and understand where his inspiration comes from. First, he explained to us the core mission of Phylum Design. “Our purpose is to engage, enrich, and inform,” says Chris.




One of the things that really inspires Chris’ work is the natural scenery in and around Utah. This is evident in his wonderful images, such as Horse 1 and this elaborate water landscape.  But, as much as he’s passionate about all elements of nature, he also appreciates industrial scenes.




Yes, you heard us right. Chris uses his fervor for nature AND industry to create a cross-pollination of art and design. “I appreciate how the organic and industrial systems overlap,” was how he explained this fusion it to us.


This amalgamation isn’t just reserved for his original pieces. Chris also works with clients to create completely custom products using the same passions and artistic eye. 


Everything is Made to Order

Even within his original collection, Chris has made room for customization for his clients. “I’ve developed the content and imagery as such as customization is inherent in our process,” he told us.




Once Chris understands the needs of his clients, he works closely with them until the product is complete to their satisfaction.


Regardless of what products a client orders, “all the art is made to order.” 




That’s something anyone in the home design and decor industry loves to hear!


Phylum Design’s entire original collection is sold to the trade, but you can still browse it on their website. To keep up with the latest news about Phylum Design, including their upcoming Market shows, follow their current blog.

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