Pella Lets the Sunshine in at Greenbuild

Pella is always on-trend and ready to help bring the sunshine into your home or business.

By Janice Harris


Pella is a household name in the window and door business. Go to any home improvement store across the country, big or small, and you’ll see the well-known Pella logo along with a slew of their products. They’re everywhere, and for good reason!


Since this Pella, Iowa-based band is so well-known and respected brand, we were happy to see Pella represented at the 2017 Greenbuild Expo and Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.


While browsing the extensive Pella booth, which featured two brand new product lines, we took a moment to speak with Stacy Seelye, architectural program manager for the company. She provided some great insight into the products Pella has used to transform residential and commercial spaces around the world since they first opened the business in 1925.




The solutions Pella offers are unparalleled. If you factor in the company's commitment to running and efficiently and sustainably, then it’s no wonder why they’re one of America’s favorite fenestration brands.



As a company that makes something we all need, Pella knows they must factor in trends when designing their products. Thankfully, they take their role as a window and door design company very seriously.


“We have a trends team at corporate who look at trends coming in from Europe because that’s where most of the trends start. We look at the fashion trends at the moment, but stay away from the fads,” Stacy said. Although these design teams are always looking outward for inspiration, they bring all those ideas right back to the headquarters and get to work incorporating them into the product lines.




Currently, there’s a huge shift toward contemporary designs. Stacy further elaborated on what Pella is doing to meet the demand for this type of style.


“Right now, large, extensive glass openings are trending," she said. "So are special screen and hardware solutions for these large glass pieces.”


As we’ve seen across the interior design industry, homeowners are eager to bring the outdoors inside by accentuating the view.


The Architect Series Collection

Pella isn’t just in the glass market, they offer a variety of different fenestration solutions, from wood clad to fiberglass and other alternative materials. But here at Greenbuild, they focused on two separate product lines within the Architect Series Collection.




"We expanded our Architect Series Collection to include design aesthetics that range from traditional to contemporary,” Stacy said. This includes the Contemporary line and Reserve.


The Contemporary lineup caters to homeowners looking to incorporate modern, European elements into their spaces. As we walked around the booth, we noticed how expansive and sleek the windows and doors were. In addition, the hardware and other finishes (some of which were black!) were barely noticeable. It was obvious Pella thought carefully about matching these finishes with the intended design aesthetic.




The Reserve Collection was designed to accommodate historic homes. In this lineup, special attention was paid to ensure it meets historical codes and matches the overall design of an older home. By mimicking true, historic features like through-stile construction and putty glaze profiles, Pella has created an old-fashioned window with modern amenities.


Pella: The Gold Standard

If you’re in the market for new windows and doors, Pella retailers are a great place to start.


As a bonus, the company prides itself on their eco-friendly manufacturing practices and USA-made production.


Stacy said, “Our company focuses on recycling sawdust and other unused materials during the production process.” Meaning you can rest assured your windows and doors were made in a responsible manner in one of their many production facilities in Iowa and Kentucky.


Shop Pella products on the Pella website or at any major and many local home improvement retailers near you.

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