Next Generation of Plumbing at Greenbuild Expo, Courtesy of Kohler

Kohler designs and manufactures the most water efficient products “you can find anywhere.”

By Janice Harris


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber with 35 years of experience in the field. He’s also the Lead Green Associate and brand representative for Kohler. Chances are, you’re already familiar with this popular plumbing brand.


You can find their products anywhere from your common big-box home improvement store to ultra high-end kitchen and bathroom fixture shops. The reason why Kohler is trusted across the board, for different types of homes and a variety of price points, is simple: quality. Kohler is known for its faucets, toilets, sinks, and other kitchen and bath products that stand the test of time.




According to Ed, there are certain things we all want in a plumbing fixture: beauty, efficiency, comfort, and luxury. Thankfully, Kohler delivers these features and more.


Green, Luxurious, and Efficient

Plus, they take their role as stewards of the environment seriously as well. When we met Ed at the 2017 Greenbuild Expo, he couldn’t wait to tell us about Kohler’s green, innovative features. “We have the most water-efficient products you can find anywhere on the market,” Ed said.




Kohler’s presence at Greenbuild isn’t anything new, they’ve been a part of the conference and expo since the very beginning. “Greenbuild is what we’re all about,” Ed explained to us, further adding, “We’re always thinking about water efficiency.”




At the conference and expo, Kohler presented a slew of new, state-of-the-art products including toilets and showers (we’ll dive into these below). Together, all these products prove a big point: customers should (and can) have both luxury and efficiency in their bath and kitchen fitures.


But Kohler isn’t just focused on the customer. Plumbing products must also be manageable for plumbers. A beautiful product that is a struggle to install simply won’t sell! Therefore, Kohler considers the needs of plumbers in the design process, which thrills Ed. “We have technology for plumbers and contractors to make the job a bit easier.


What Exactly Is a Mixing Valve? (and Why it Matters to You)

Kohler has led the way in terms of plumbing innovation since the company was founded in 1873. This year, they’re presenting a number of new products.


One of the products that Ed can’t get enough of is the DTV Prompt Mixing Valve. You may be wondering, what does that even mean? But, it’s actually quite a simple concept. A mixing valve combines the water from hot and cold pipes together to ensure a consistent, comfortable shower temperature. Do you only touch one handle/nozzle when you turn on your bath or shower? If so, it’s because of a mixing valve!




What’s so unique about the DTV Prompt Mixing Valve is that it’s entirely electronic and requires no manual plumbing. The user never has to turn a valve on and off. Instead, the water turns on to a specific temperature with the mere touch of a button. Better yet, because it’s completely digital, you can control the temperature to the exact degree. If you have children or aging adults living with you, then this isn’t just a luxury: it’s a necessity!




Oh, and it gets better! All it takes to set up this system is a standard outlet and a plug. In no time at all, you get a custom shower experience.


Plumbing of the Future

We may have gotten a little excited with the whole “digital mixing valve technology” thing, but Ed had more in store for us.


The House Tipster Media Team got a firsthand look at a 20-zone mixing valve and the Korbel toilet, a high-efficiency toilet that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush and features revolutionary 360-degree technology to ensure a full flush wash.




While the Korbel toilet saves water, the Veil toilet series is focused on saving water AND space. Veil toilets have full and half-flush options. Plus, they’re wall-hung with an in-wall concealed water tank. In the end, this can save you up to 6 cubic feet of precious bathroom space!


Out of all of great products, the last one that we know may benefit the House Tipster audience is the beautiful, well-appointed Choreograph shower system. Ed was actually a part of the design team for this and he describes the product as only Ed could. “Just like a dancer would put together a dance routine, you can put together your own shower stall.” By mixing and matching materials (even textures and colors) and features such as soap dishes, you literally make your own shower stall. It’s custom, just like you deserve!


Kohler is always looking to ramp up their innovations and bring homeowners (and plumbers) exactly what they need. Stay on the lookout for Kohler’s Next Generation Rite-Temp shower valve soon. Now that we have an appreciation for the handy mixing value, we’re definitely keeping this one on our radar.



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