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LIXIL's high-end products provide true luxury.

By Dan Glennzig


LIXIL doesn’t just dabble in the appliance industry. They are the innovators responsible for taking new and emerging technological advances in water technology to the next level.


This Tokyo-based manufacturer has always been a favorite of ours here at House Tipster, not only for their quality product line, but due to their role as a parent company of some of our favorite brands, including DXV, Grohe, and American Standard.


At the 2017 Interior Design Show Vancouver, we had the pleasure of speaking with Par Frozan, the associate brand manager at LIXIL Canada. She gave us a detailed look at LIXIL’s newest water technology, including the neatest shower heads we’ve ever seen, and many more of their products that are branded under their multiple subsidiary companies.




Whether you’re looking for a standard toilet or a tub that’s infused with the latest technology, LIXIL has a product for you under its grand umbrella.


LIXIL’s Companies

LIXIL is primarily focused on water technology and, over the past 70 years, they’ve made efforts to acquire the best companies in the industry.


“As a company, LIXIL has a house of brands under the water technology sector,” says Par.


American Standard, the brand geared toward the everyday homeowner, has been around for 150 years due to their emphasis on purposeful innovation. Par tells us American Standard is dedicated to providing consumers with the healthiest, cleanest, and safest products for the bathroom and kitchen.


“We’re trying to raise the standard in the industry,” she says. And with products as consistent as these, we have no doubt about American Standard’s leading role in shaping the field."




Grohe, a German company owned by LIXIL, is an innovative brand that focuses primarily on technology. Every Grohe product is guaranteed to last 20 or more years, and they include smooth finishes. Since Grohe is a European company, many of the designs are inspired and made for the European market.




DXV, LIXIL’s premium luxury water technology brand, is all about design, with each product launch falling into one of 4 design eras offered by the company. These include the “Golden Era” and the “Contemporary Era.” For more information on DXV, check out our coverage and interview with Jean-Jacques L'Henaff, vice president of Design at DXV.


IDS Showcase

Not only did we get the scoop on LIXIL, but we were also able to see some of their newest technologies up close.




American Standard Spectra

American Standard’s Spectra collection is launching in December 2017. According to Par, “It’s all about shower innovation and accessibility.” With the Duo 2-in-1 Hand Shower, bathers can change their shower functions seamlessly.




“Most people don’t change shower functions because they’re hard to navigate. So what we did was create a touch sensor with a remote function. It’s a small piece that goes onto your shower wall. With that, you can change the shower function by with the simple touch of a button,” says Par.




If you have kids or care for an elderly parent, then you probably know all too well how difficult is to adequately and comfortably aim the water in a shower. Spectra solves this common problem with ingenuity and a beautiful, desirable design.


DXV Modulus

Another new product line comes courtesy of DXV. You may have read a bit about the Modulus line in this interview, but Par also described its intended impact on the industry. “What’s really interesting about the Modulus collection is that it ties into a fashion element” claims Par. This includes customizable rings on the faucets you can switch when you’re in the mood for a change. For example, you can have a chrome faucet with a black ring and change it out.


Modulus is definitely a well-rounded, customizable collection made for both larger and smaller lavatories due on the market in April 2018.


LIXIL is a smart company that will continue to bring modernization to bathrooms across North America and the world.

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