Let the Sunshine In With Contemporary Windows & Doors

Bring the outdoors inside with Marvin’s vast collection of contemporary doors and windows.

By Tara Jelinek
Inspired by the Marvin Family of Windows and Doors


Windows and doors — They’re a necessity for any home, no doubt about that. But what sets one brand apart from the other? Where do you turn to find the best products on the market? And finally, how do you decide on the best windows and doors for your home?


These are questions many homeowners ask when looking for new windows and doors, whether it’s for a new construction home or just a basic replacement.


If you’ve been online shopping and browsing showrooms, then you’ve probably heard about the Marvin Family of Windows and Doors, which includes the following brands: Marvin, Integrity, and Infinity.


Our House Tipster team met up with Dondi Kazukewicz, Senior Brand Manager and Kris Hanson, Product Management Manager for Marvin Windows and Doors at the 2017 Dwell on Design expo, where they gave us an up-close-and-personal look at the quality of craftsmanship and extensive designs they offer. Here’s what we learned.




Custom Made, Your Way

Doni and Kris had a lot to say about the amazing, innovative products manufactured at Marvin. But what truly sets this family of brands apart from other window and door manufacturers is their ability provide a truly custom experience.


Every window and door is made to order based on your home or business’ exact specifications. This means that you can alter the size and color of your windows and frames on all styles, from traditional wood to aluminum and fiberglass.




Options Abound

At Dwell on Design, we got the chance to browse Marvin’s contemporary designs.


A latest and greatest design trend that’s quickly becoming one of their more sought-after styles is the matte black hardware finish. This is an exclusive design for Marvin that helps give even the most traditional of door and window designs a modern twist.


According to Kris, “ We’re also featuring a brand new narrow-frame direct glaze product that’s part of Marvin’s contemporary studio. It has the Designer Black interior finish.”




This finish, another popular option for modern design lovers, is a high-quality furniture grade finish perfect for any wood window. Plus, it has a low reflectivity. We loved how clean and streamlined it made their product.


They’re Thinking Toward the Future

As in all home design, there are definite trends in the window and door industry.


Per Kris and Dondi, there are strong regional design aesthetics popular in each subsection of the country, but social media is helping to make regional preferences ubiquitous. Basically, it really doesn’t matter where you live anymore. If there’s a style you like, you have access to it!




In the past 5-10 years, Kris and Dondi have also noticed consumers desire more contemporary design features. This naturally forces the company to manufacture products with more glass and less framing. And like we noted above, this trend is spreading countrywide and not just in the sunny, arid southwest.


“No matter where you live, everyone wants more glass. We are consistently seeing a trend towards bigger windows and bigger doors overall…. To let the outside in and maximize the site the house is on.”


To keep up with the increasing demand for more and more glass, Marvin is committed to enhancing their products to stay efficient, even during adverse weather conditions. Also, each product must be up to code for each region, meaning that the windows and doors sold in your geographic location must have the right U-factor (a measurement about how well the glass insulates)


 “The demand for the product to perform at a high level for multiple climates is something that Marvin Doors takes pride in.”


Looking forward, Marvin has teams working to ensure their products are top-notch and meet the ever-growing demands of a consumer, regardless of where they live and the weather conditions their glass is bound to endure.


Marvin Windows and Doors focuses on superb quality and one-of-a-kind customization to create an attractive product. Don’t overlook Marvin if you’re in the market for windows and doors.




To take a look at their contemporary styles in-person, follow this link and type in your zip code. From there, you’ll connect with local showrooms and dealers near you.

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