Leather in Vivid Colors - That's the Trend by Abbyson

Abbyson gives leather a brilliant twist for all to see at Las Vegas Market.

By Sarah Clarke


Through the use of vibrant colors like Tiffany blue, Abbyson has truly revolutionized leather with a display of home furnishings at Las Vegas Market that stand out as visionary.  


We knew Los Angeles-based Abbyson for incorporating lots of leather in its home furnishings, but we never expected to see it portrayed with colors that pop, like lavender. We were amazed at this completely trendy twist on an ancient material that probably goes back to the cavemen days.


But this is Abbyson’s 10th anniversary at Market, and the company was determined to mark the occasion with showroom designs powerful enough to influence the design world in 2018.




“Our history is leather,” Tara Bahri, designer and trade manager for Abbyson, told House Tipster’s Media Team. “That’s what we’ve excelled in. That’s what we’re known for, and that’s where our quality really rises to excellence,” she said.


“What we’ve done is brought all these beautiful colors to life, but in leather, so as you go around our showroom, you’re going to see the Tiffany blues, the pops of lavender. You’re going to see these blues, and you’re going to be like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that in a leather!’”




As Abbyson’s design team reflected on what’s new for 2018, they identified the most distinct trend as the explosion of brilliant colors and embraced the same for the company’s own furniture and home décor.


“We really wanted to position ourselves uniquely so as you’re walking around all these showrooms, you’re seeing a burst of color but a lot in fabric,” Bahri said.




Abbyson is a company known for its innovations, but it never shifts from a commitment to being “makers of the living experience.”


According to this philosophy, Bahri said, Abbyson doesn’t work to just create a product but to create an experience for all of its buyers.




A home-furnishings company inspired by art and design from all around the world, Abbyson has long been committed to the exciting design force that is almost in its backyard – the Las Vegas Market.


With the care the company put into its showrooms, interior designers were being drawn like a magnet to the new designs at Market. These are the styles they hope to bring back to their clients, and Abbyson was primed to partner with them. The company really thrives on the passion of designers and seeks to mirror that passion in its own products.




“Our design team works tirelessly to really create pieces and colors that connect with culture and trends…,” Bahri said.  


With Abbyson furnishings, there’s a commitment to quality each step of the way, she said. After all, furniture you love has to withstand the test of everyday use.




It’s what one might expect of a family-based company, named after founder Abby Rafieha and his sons.


We were fascinated with the history of Abbyson, after learning how Rafieha visited Tibet in 1987 where he met with members of the Dalai Lama family and was introduced to Buddhism. Through this visit, Rafieha found inspiration for his home-furnishings line. He continued traveling the globe in search of ideas, visiting some 50 countries, and then in 1989, Abbyson started importing one-of-a-kind Tibetan products, rugs, and furniture.


For more than 30 years Abbyson has taken pride in being a home-furnishings brand that keeps on redefining itself through modern-day living.




We’d glad Abbyson continues to keep Las Vegas Market as one of its destinations.



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