Keeping It Simple is Winning Approach of Danish Home Design Co.

Bloomingville is getting attention at NY NOW for its stress-free approach to home design & natural products.

By Sarah Clarke


The world may be complicated, but Denmark-based Bloomingville  is showing that home and interior design doesn’t have to be.


Because of its commitment to hassle-free home styles with a Nordic influence, Bloomingville was one of the home companies that drew the attention of House Tipster’s Media Team at the NY NOW tradeshow on Monday.




We just couldn’t wait to introduce this company to our readers after discovering how its Northern Scandinavian/European influence fits in nicely with American décor both in its natural composition and its no-stress approach to decorating.


“Our roots for Bloomingville – the DNA – is how do we make simple changes that people can redecorate and update and renew their home with just simple additions,” said Garry Schermann, working with Bloomingville as senior vice president of sales at Creative Co-op.




That simple approach was the philosophy of Betina Stampe when she founded the leading European brand, Bloomingville, in 2000 and it remains the focus today.


“What you get from Bloomingville is a European brand with a younger sensibility – something for the next-generation consumer,” Schermann said.




Bloomingville is a home brand that’s all about lifestyle, which means everything for the home from dinnerware to furniture. All the products have a natural feel and are manufactured in 10 to 15 different countries in any given year.


“Bloomingville is interesting,” said Schermann. “It’s a Danish brand so it has a Northern Scandinavian/European feel to it. The lines are clean, the product is made with a lot of natural materials. So you’ll see 100 percent wool, lanolin, New Zealand sheep wood, terra cotta, stoneware.”




The trends we discovered with Bloomingville include organic shades and materials, and things that can easily be introduced to any home environment.


This means reclaimed wood, terra cottas, stoneware, and lots of woven material, said Schermann.




“Bloomingville is a leading European brand. We acquired it in 2015 and launched it here in New York about one and a half years ago,” said Schermann. “NY NOW is our first major market, and we’ve had nothing but success. NY NOW is our home away from home.”


Moving forward, Bloomingville will continue to take its brand beyond its European roots to focus on the sensibilities of the American household.




“As we continue to grow our objective is to integrate Europe into that American sensibility but not to lose sight of what American consumer needs to update and refresh and make their home fun and interesting,” said Schermann.


Bloomingville’s interior styles can be found at independent retailers from the big chains like Bloomingdale’s to gift and home stores owned by mom and pop.




Schermann talked about how the mom and pop influence is spreading, saying, “Really wherever you are in your neighborhood, you probably have someone that’s just finding out about Bloomingville.”

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