Integrative Power with SurfaceWorks at NeoCon

SurfaceWorks, a table-manufacturer turned office furniture-designer, is bringing stylish new wares to the market.

By Janice Harris


Fifteen years ago, the Milwaukee, WI-based table designer and manufacturer SurfaceWorks opened its doors. Since then, this industry leader started creating innovative, attractive tables specifically for office environments.


While at the 2017 NeoCon East expo and conference in Philadelphia, PA, we had the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Haberer, the Product Manager for SurfaceWorks. He was there showcasing the newly-released SurfaceWorks brand and the Rapport furniture collection.




About SurfaceWorks

According to Jeremy, SurfaceWorks offers a “Full line of office furniture with a focus on custom products.” By working with designers and architects, SurfaceWorks aims to furnish the complete office, from conference rooms and training centers to personal workspaces. All of these table tops are ideal for relaxing and collaborating.




SurfaceWorks manufactures all the table surfaces themselves, but partners with high-end manufacturers to create the stable, trendy bases. One defining feature of the SurfaceWorks is their edge options. “We have 37 different profiles,” Jeremy explained. “When you factor in all the materials and colors we offer, there are 86 different edges.”


Rapport Collection

Jeremy was excited to show off SurfaceWorks’ newest collection,Rapport at NeoCon East. Included in the collection are island, basic, and accent tables, each one features a contemporary look and high-end materials.




“Our Rapport line includes conference tables, media tables, islands, meeting and hospitality tables,” said Jeremy. Once a customer selects their preferred table, they can customize with any finish. We got a firsthand look at the luxurious leather finsh with urethane edges while browsing their booth, but there are dozens of others to choose from.


But it’s not just about looks. Table functionality is also important in today’s modern workplace. That’s why SurfaceWorks has found creative ways to integrate power directly into the tables. Per Jeremy, “We can integrate power right into the product per your specifications.” That way, if you don’t want to see cords, plugs or other electronic components, they can be tucked away safely and securely under the surface or through the leg.




It’s no surprise that SurfaceWorks is making a statement through their office table designs. Now that employees and businesses are looking for ways to make the workspace more comfortable and functional, companies like SurfaceWorks are stepping up to the plate.


Between their in-house and industrial designers, SurfaceWorks is creating the desk and tables for the modern workplace—and they’re amazing!



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