Infinity Drain Draws from Roman Ingenuity for its Vanishing Edge Pools

Dwell on Design show highlight is a quick-install shower system.

By Sarah Clarke


Who hasn’t gazed at the pages of a home magazine and marveled at the tranquility reflected by a vanishing edge pool planted in lushly landscaped backyard?


But the vanishing edge, or infinity, pool is not just a fantasy or something reserved for some designer’s home.


It can be a reality for many backyards, as New York-based Infinity Drain demonstrated at the Dwell on Design Show June 23-25 in Los Angeles, where some of the company’s latest innovations drew the spotlight.




Since its inception in 2009, Infinity Drain of Amityville, NY has been determined to build upon an engineering marvel started thousands of years ago with the Romans.


“I don’t think anyone alive invented the infinity drain. I think it was invented thousands of years ago by the Romans,” Brill told House Tipster at Dwell on Design. "One of the things our company did is North Americanize this install."


So it is no surprise that the vanishing edge pool, or what Brill likes to call the infinity pool, which depends so greatly on the infinity drains, was among the highlights he presented at the annual trade show.




He explained that the infinity pool doesn’t have an elevation. It’s a seamless look that happens because the coping and the water are at the same exact level.


“This is accomplished with a patent-pending detail we do with the drain, as well as calculations on a holding tank of water. So there’s a little bit of engineering work,” he said.


He added that Infinity Drain will work with pool designers to create a beautiful, sleek appearance that makes an infinity pool a backyard’s main attraction, and yes, something bound to be featured in home magazines.




“Everything you see here is American-made,” said Brill, also calling attention to some of the new products Infinity Drain brought to Dwell on Design. The company has a factory that produces linear shower drains, balcony drains, and other drain products.




Although Infinity Drain has an array of different drain installations, he took the time to talk about the USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System.


Born out of a new partnership with USG Corp., this engineered shower system is faster and easier to install than the traditional mud bed shower construction.


Together Infinity and USG Corp. have come up with a newer method of waterproofing, which bonds the shower membrane right to the drain.


“It comes that way. It’s sold with a pre-sloped, pre-waterproofed shower floor, combined with a pre-waterproofed wall board,” he said. “This installs in an hour and a half.”




He noted that the material is designed so that it can also be cut down on site with a straight-edged knife if necessary.


Traditional mud bed shower construction requires several steps to form a consistent pitch or perfectly flat substrate.


From mixing and forming screeds to pulling the mortar, the installation of a shower bed can take a maximum of three days.


But many traditional application challenges can be eliminated with the new shower system, saving both time and money.


Brill has described this partnership with USG Corp. as a natural fit because it offers a one-step solution for architects, designers, and contractors faced with tile and flooring needs.




He also considers the partnership an industry bench mark that will allow for quick and easy installation and increased confidence.


Also featured at the show was a shower bench made of high-density foam and the tile-in drain, which hides the drain from sight.


“Basically, you’re making the drain go away,” Brill said.


Look for other ideas – like barrier-free bathroom designs – on Infinity Design’s website.



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