IDS Vancouver: Day 2 Recap

These standout companies and gurus wowed us on Day 2 of IDS Vancouver.

By Dan Glennzig


Interior Design Show Vancouver, also known as IDS West, was a busy, inspiring experience for the media team here at House Tipster. During the second day of this weekend-long expo, we met with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the design industry from Canada and across the world. They were designers and manufacturers, writers and critics and they all had one thing in common: a genuine love and appreciation for the trade.


Check out the following standout companies and gurus that wowed us on Day 2.


Divine Flooring

Calgary-based flooring manufacturer Divine Flooring has been showcasing and selling their trendy flooring options in Vancouver for the past 8 years. If you’ve been eager to try out some of the newest high-end flooring options on the market, all of which are manufactured and sold by the exact same company, then Divine Flooring should be your first stop.




All the flooring options sold by Divine Flooring are sourced in Europe and North America and then distributed for use in residential and commercial properties in the US and Canada.


Jordan, a rep from Divine Flooring’s Vancouver showroom, helped us understand some of the biggest trends his company is seeing this year. Lighter color floors are the new crowd favorite, which is a change from the dark, almost black preferences of homeowners just a few years back. Also, vinyl is making a comeback. According to Jordan, “We’ve seen a big increase in demand for vinyl over laminate for rental properties and cottages.”





Dutch style is everywhere in today’s interior design market, but BoConcept is taking it back to the basics. Viggo Mølholm, CEO of the company, is proud of their long heritage. After all, they’ve been in the furniture business since 1952.




Viggo tells us that today “BoConcept has 260 stores in 50 countries around the world.” They manufacture their self-designed products in their home base of Denmark, as well as Lithuania and Shanghai but their materials are sourced the world over, from textiles in Italy to wood from North America and hardware from Germany.


Their bread and butter are premier customizations.




“We make different finishes and sizes and also provide interior design services,” says Viggo. That way, you’re guaranteed a piece of furniture that matches your needs and style!


“Bo” means “feeling of home” or “to live” in Danish, which is the perfect way to describe the vibe of BoConcept’s impressive furniture.




Lock and Mortice

Rachel Peters from Lock and Mortice was a phenomenally informative resource on all things “custom.” That’s because her company, located in Surrey, BC, focuses first and foremost on manufacturing custom furniture and product development.




“We work with designers and architects to come up with products and solutions for different spaces,” says Rachel. Also, they also produce lighting and custom furniture—basically anything you can pack up and ship off to customers around the world.


But things are quickly shifting at Lock and Mortice. “We’re in the process of working on our own product line called ‘Essentials, ’ and it’s all made from solid woods.”


Rachel tells us that Lock and Mortice is all about producing beautiful pieces that you use every day and, with a lineup like the one we saw at IDS, we believe it!




Kohler Presenting Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks, an artisan tile company owned by Kohler, was represented at IDS West by a Robin Richter. “We literally take tile and bring it to all areas [of the home],” says Robin.




Out of their Portland, Oregon factory, a team of artists design and craft each tile by hand using clay sourced directly in Portland. Artists are responsible for the entire product, from shaping each tile to the glazing step, which is a great feature of the company. Because everything is produced on a small, local level, Ann Sacks can provide a high level of customization.


“We can match any color you show us,” says Robin.


Although they operate on a small scale, their 14-collection-strong product line ships all over the world and is available in 21 distinct showrooms across the US, and in London and Vancouver.


Camille Walala Collaboration with Ann Sacks

Camille Walala’s bright, cheery, and positively distinct digital print and textile artwork has been shaping the design industry since 2009. Today, after spending the better part of the past decade working with schools, small businesses, and large corporations, she has embarked on a new design journey through a collaboration with Ann Sacks.




We love Camille’s unique, eccentric addition to the tile market. She describes the tiles in her collection as “joyful and colorful” adding that her inspiration is all based on designs and colors from the 1980s as well as African tribal imagery.


“My work is all about color and bright patterns,” Camille tells us. Further noting that homeowners were all about neutral, plain colors over the past few years but she’s noticing a substantial shift toward bolder coloring.


“Colors make people smile,” says Camille. Well, so do her tiles!



Cosentino is an innovative surface company with Spanish roots and a US base in Miami, Florida. According to Brian of Cosentino, his company is setting the standard to new and emerging surface technologies, namely in their Sensa, Silestone, and Dekton collections. Their inspiration comes from a team of interior designers who don’t just respond to current trends but are the ones who shape them.




Out of all their fabulous products, Brian raved about the Dekton collection, in particular. This entire line of ultra-compact surfaces contains zero resin. What does this mean? Without resin, the material holds up extremely well when used on the exterior. Plus, it’s scratch resistant and holds up in both extreme hot and cold environments.


“We don't want to follow, we want to lead the industry.” And with state of the art surface technologies and total in-house control of production, they’re definitely hitting the mark.




Mark Challen and Suzanne Dimma

Mark Challen and Suzanne Dimma, two of Canada’s most well-known interior designers who previously spearheaded House and Home Magazine, made a presentation on a side of the design industry many don’t necessarily talk about: trends. Or, to be specific, not focusing on trends.


In an exclusive post-presentation interview with Mark and Suzanne, we learned about their own particular styles and how they avoid fixating on what’s current and “fashionable.”




Per Mark, “This year, we’re talking about how design makes you feel good” adding that it’s important to embrace the imperfect sides of your home. You probably know all too well what he’s talking about. Too often, we assume we must remove all the old and purchase new things. But Mark and Suzanne agree that it’s not the only way to create a soulful feeling in your home.


“It’s OK to use your old things and to love those perfect imperfections,” says Mark.


Suzanne doesn’t mince words on the topic, either.




“We get caught up in the sense of perfection,” she says. “Everything needs to be ‘new,’ but that’s not always sustainable.”


She advises that we all look to the past, including dumpster diving and antiquing, to help make your space sing.


Our takeaway from our conversation with Suzanne and Mark was simple: feelings should always trump trends. Trends come and go, but classic stands the test of time.



Caesarstone, one of IDS’ sponsors, and a seven-year veteran of the event, had a big presence during the entire expo. At their booth, we spoke with Brett who showed us Caesarstone’s quartz countertop collection and the 4 new colors on their docket.




Each new hue, including Moreland Fog, Montblanc, Turbine Gray, and Rugged Concrete feature Caesarstone’s well-known quality and designer influence. Rugged Concrete, in particular, is being hailed as one of the best countertop colors on the market. In fact, Brett tells us it’s taking designers by storm.


“It’s our first color with a cement, bleached look,” he says.


Moving forward, Caesarstone hopes to continue offering countertops that wow designers and their clients alike. “We use global trend-spotters to design our newest products and colors.”


If you’re eager to have the latest and greatest countertops, there’s no better selection than the one offered by Caesarstone.





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