House Tipster Floored by Mohawk at Greenbuild

Environmentally-friendly products have been part of Mohawk’s DNA for over 30 years.

By Janice Harris


Mohawk doesn’t just manufacture carpets. They are, in fact, a leader in the flooring industry, making everything from carpet and hardwoods to laminate, tile, and more for commercial and residential spaces. Mohawk’s products are sold in over 15,000 locations across the United States, from large home centers to specialty retailers.




We recently chatted with Seth Arnold, VP of Residential Marketing for Mohawk, at the Greenbuild International Expo and Conference in Boston. During the conversation, we discussed Mohawk’s focus on sustainability, quality, and superior customer service. Also, we got a firsthand look at a new flooring product that we know you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as possible.


Mohawk’s eco-friendly flooring offerings are changing the industry and, quite frankly, have us floored. Here’s why.


Part of Their DNA

According to Seth, “Environmentally-friendly products have been part of our DNA for years.”




Over the course of three decades, Mohawk has led the way in recycling.


“We are the largest recycler of plastic bottles in the United States and possibly the world,” Seth said.


What do they do with all those recycled plastic bottles? Make carpets, of course! Mohawk helps take all that waste out of the waste stream and turn it into a useable product that graces your floor. Amazing, right?


Another lesser-known fact about Mohawk is their commitment to staying local. Yes, they’re a leading global manufacturer, but they produce locally whenever and wherever possible, which ultimately helps keep their carbon footprint lower than some competitors.


“We want to have a company that does business in its own country. The factories we have around the world serve the local markets.”


The First 100% Recycled Carpet

Here at Greenbuild, Mohawk presented one of their newest products of 2017: Airo carpets. Mohawk’s Airo carpets aren’t just soft and luxurious, they’re also 100% recyclable. This carpet is set to revolutionize the industry and change how we think about carpeting.




There are so many benefits of the Airo carpets, it’s hard to prioritize just which features are most important.


For starters, each one of the eight styles and over 200 colors offered under the Airo umbrella is hypoallergenic.


“These carpets absorb zero moisture and have airflow that comes through the product,” said Seth. “Plus, it has zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)! If you want a hypoallergenic product, you want this carpet.”


Airo carpets also benefit Mohawk’s retail partners. If you’ve ever had to wait weeks on end for your new carpet install, then you understand the significant labor shortage in the flooring industry. The limited number of carpet installers creates a backlog for consumers. However, Airo installs an impressive 40% faster than traditional carpet.


“You don’t need tack strips or heavy kickers,” said Seth. “All those traditional tools aren’t needed. You just cut it, roll it out, and it’s double-faced taped onto the floor.”


And don’t worry too much about the carpet shifting around. It’s designed to be wrinkle and buckle-free. We’re sold!


A Future Built on Trends and Ease

As the 2nd largest carpet distributor in North America, Mohawk plays a big role in the lives of anyone who owns a home or business. But they take that role to heart by ensuring they remain on top of all current and potential design and manufacturing trends.




“Everything [in the product lines] has to start with style and fashion,” said Seth.


Mohawk understands a great product simply won’t sell if it’s not trendy.


Overall, Mohawk takes a holistic approach to the design, production, and sale of all their flooring products. Each one has to work functionally and aesthetically for the consumer, help the retail partners and benefit Mohawk in the long-term.


Mohawk is always looking to how they can help their consumer and we’re grateful for their service and contributions to the industry.



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