HOC Designer Rugs are Coming from the Himalayas to American Homes

Husband-and-wife design team lets creativity, not trends, guide their styles.

By Sarah Clarke


Designed in Belgium and made in the Himalayas, the modern rug creations of HOC are coming to the US!


Peter Hens, designer and CEO of this three-generation family business, announced with excitement that these custom rug products will be making their arrival. And their ETA is soon -- within the next five months.




“We are specialized in high quality Tibetan rugs coming from Nepal,” Hens told House Tipster at The Rug Show in NYC where HOC was launching 25 new collections.


The company started with unique hand-knotted carpets in 1925, and “we are doing our own production [of rugs] in Nepal since 2001,” he said.


Hens views all the company’s designs as popular, but says the biggest sellers for HOC, which stands for Hens Oriental Carpet, are definitely the custom designs.




“We are mainly specializing in modern design, which you can have custom made,” he said.


When you say custom to Peter Hens, it opens the door to a variety of options – customers can choose not only size, but material combinations, and desired colors.


What’s making the best color statement today is balance, according to Hens. The predominant trends are gray tones and more pastels as well as a demand for more intense color.




But, even when color rises to vibrancy, Hens said, “I think the most important key thing is balanced colors and balanced design.”




Design inspiration for what some might call rugs, but others a work of art, comes from Peter Hens and his wife, not some trend.


“That may be something strange to say. We are not really influenced by trends or things we see. It’s something we have in our minds. So we put colors together that we think are looking beautiful. We put design together that we think is something else,” Hens said.


This husband-and-wife design team strives to be creative, rather than follow the market and its trends, and their work has given the world of carpets new contemporary dimension. They use a computer program to visualize the carpet even before it’s made, and art is a big influence on design.


“We actually do everything ourselves going from the buying of the raw material up to the finishing of the rugs – it’s done in our own company,” said Hens.


Another strong feature of these rugs – something buyers are willing to pay more for -- are the natural materials used in their creation. Handspun Tibetan highland wood, natural silk, nettle, and linen are all materials that speak quality, and this is the stuff HOC rugs are made of.




To see what HOC can do for your home design, visit hoc-design.be

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