For Home Décor that’s One-of-a-Kind, go with Wickham Hardwood Flooring

Wickham Hardwood Flooring is introducing its craftsmen line.

By Sarah Clarke


For homeowners who want something their neighbor can never duplicate, Wickham Hardwood Flooring featured its new Mountain Home Collection at the Dwell on Design show held June 23-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.




House Tipster went to this annual trade show to bring to its readers the latest trends and innovations seen on the West Coast.


For those not familiar with Wickham Hardwood Flooring, its vice president of sales, Paul Rezuke, said, “We’re a Canadian manufacturer. We manufacture hardwood flooring in solid and engineered.”


Wickham Hardwood Flooring, which specializes in putting the “luxurious sensation of the forest under your feet,” was breaking new ground with its first West Coast exhibit, he told House Tipster. 




Branching out made sense after last year’s investment of about $8 million in an engineered product line, which allowed a partnership to be formed with California Granite & Flooring to distribute exclusively for Wickham Hardwood Flooring. California Granite & Flooring is considered North Carolina’s premiere granite, marble, stone sales, and installation company.


According to Rezuke, the investment allowed the company’s footprint to expand and bring its Mountain Home Collection and other hardwood floor products, like the Wild West Collection, to more customers.


The Dwell on Design show was an opportunity to not only call attention to Wickham Hardwood Flooring’s new product lines, but also to highlight California Granite & Flooring as its distributor.


With a focus on playing a major role in today’s floor market, Wickham has earned worldwide recognition of its products through hard work and determination.




It provides many hardwood choices, from sports-quality floors to vintage flooring that ages better with time just like fine wine.


But the new product that Rezuke called our attention to was the Mountain Home Collection, which offers customers an attractive wood flooring that is, without exaggeration, one of a kind.


Each plank is distressed at the hands of a craftsman, who then puts his signature on the finished product. These craftsmen are known to take pride in their work. The same, of course, cannot be said for machine-produced wooden floors.


Describing the Mountain Home Collection as one of the company’s mainstays, Rezuke said, “It’s a hand-scraped product with a WOCA oil based finish.”




Designed in the tradition of Renaissance-era woodworking, the Mountain Home Collection is available in solid or engineered.


“Our engineered products have a Baltic birch core, and we offer a 4 millimeter veneer as our top layer,” Rezuke said in his House Tipster interview.


Located in Wickham, Canada, just outside of Drummondville, Wickham Hardwood Flooring was founded in 1989. 


According to the company’s website, Jean-Pierre and Lese Nittolo became the new controlling owners of the company in 2009.


After years of working at Wickham, they were eager to inject new energy into the organization. With more than 125 skilled workers, the business now includes a sawmill, kilns, a processing plant, and a finishing line.




Wickham’s flooring collections include:

  • Cottage – designed to put nature at your feet
  • Domestic Floor - considered as popular as it is diversified
  • Wild West -  the true nature of wood remains strong and unfettered
  • Winery - vintage flooring that ages gracefully with time
  • Sports Flooring - a surface fit for the major league
  • Engineered - well suited for condos and basements


Wickham Hardwood Flooring offers tools and tips on planning your project on its website, along with a maintenance kit designed to keep your floor looking its best.


So if you’re thinking of creating a home that is something unique, start from the ground up with a hardwood floor from the Mountain Home Collection.


With hand-crafted pieces, there’s  no chance of duplication, and you can tell guests that your living room or kitchen stands out like a work of art.



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